Surprising Dog Rescue Story

TH Linzy + sign

Who Rescued Who? Please WATCH and SHARE  the Video below

This touching Dog Rescue Story may surprise you, just like many of the inspiring stories in our Talent Hounds Rescues Rock TV show.

Did you know millions of pets go into Rescue or Shelters each year in north America and sadly, too many still get euthanized. Help us share the message that rescues aren’t broken, they can learn and they can change lives. They often end up rescuing their adopted humans by giving unconditional love and loyalty, and making life more fun.

Rescues Rock – Adopt Don’t Shop. 

TH Susie Reta Linzy
Thanks to Reta and Linzy for being the superstars they are and to Eurocan Barnsdale Farms Select for the yummy treats and support they provided to so many rescues over the last 18 months. As the holiday season approaches, let’s all think about what we can do to help by discouraging shopping from Puppy Mills; encouraging responsible pet parenting including positive training, spaying and neutering; donating; volunteering and spreading messages. We love what Bocker Labradoodle and Animal Wellness Magazine, Adopt A Shelter and other caring companies and dogs are doing.

We donate 40% of revenue on our YouTube videos to dog causes.

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  • My sisters and I are not rescues, but Mom’s first dog was and she was wonderful.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      We love you girls and you make your human very happy (and entertain/inform us with your great posts). Dogs are wonderful! XS

  • Dogs are great trainers, aren’t they?

  • We dogs know how to train our humans but boy can it be hard work! BOL What a great story!

  • What a wonderful post. So inspiring.

  • Our dogs both are rescues and sadly lacked owners who understood dogs. They were both very trainable and loveable. It was sad their original owners didn’t understand what living with dogs meant, but I will always be grateful for the foster parents who took them in and helped them get adjusted and ready for new homes.

  • I definitely support getting new pets through rescue groups or at the shelters. So many of those animals will be euthanized if they are not adopted by new families and it is terrible to consider that many of those animals could have been wonderful, loving pets for someone.

  • Mr. N says he is extremely trainable. And that it’s the humans who slow him down!

  • I’m always surprised to learn that people think dogs in shelters have done something wrong or are somehow defective. Keep spreading the word to Adopt and NOT shop.

  • Veruca and Ava teach me something new about myself everyday. Usually they like to teach me about patience and consistency. They are both rescues who are superstars in our house.

  • We are both rescues….we are not broken!! Harley and I both have our Canine Good Citizen certifications and I (Charlie) am working on becoming a therapy dog! Life is good!

  • I have seen so many rescue chessies get titles in different events, it can happen

  • Training is great for rescue dogs! I often have newly adopted dogs in my group classes.

  • Great message to get out about puppy mills before the holidays!

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    Denis Spittel 2 years ago

    Wonderful Dogs. So inspiring.