Our Top 5 Blogs on Dog Health & Wellness

Following our focus on our wonderful local Canadian Trainers, we compiled a resource guide of our Top 5 Blogs on Pet Health & Wellness: from advocacy and answers to guides and gurus.

Slim Doggy : We love this blog and the Fit Dog Friday Blog Hop. Lots of great tips to help your dog maintain a healthy weight, and keep active and fit.

DogFilesWe couldn’t talk about pet health care and well-being without understanding that the first important step is to have a proper attitude towards pet advocacy: caring for dogs and knowing that for many, their pets are part of the family too. DogFiles is an inspirational blog/community hub advocating for dog welfare by documenting heartwarming stories of lives together with man’s best friend. Created by filmmaker Kenn Bell after he adopted the handsome American Foxhound/Pointer crossbreed Max (the website’s mascot), DogFiles brings you high quality videos and news stories from around the world on diverse topics such as Pitbulls, Celebrities, and Military dogs, covering the rescues and the heroes as well as the most misunderstood breeds.

DogasaurDogasaur, a juggernaut of information, befits its name.  Don’t forget to check out Dogasaur’s huge resource section – Ask Dogasaurus – with 1000’s of your questions are answered on a variety of topics from travel, senior pet care, to food and nutrition. The Dogasaur community is made up of dog-lovers from around the world with all kinds of useful tips and information.

The Daily KibbleThe Daily Kibble is a fun, cheeky and informative site presenting “the inside poop on the latest, greatest, hottest, and coolest everything…for pets.”  Each day it presents a series of articles from products, services, travel and activities, establishing an exhaustive archive over the years and a Pet Care section that presents a Q&A from The Daily Kibble staff that includes seasoned answers from a trainer, groomer, and veterinarian.

Vet Street : Established in 1998 (did the internet even exist way back when?), Vet Street is the one stop go to place for pet health and welfare information broken down by age and even by breed. Chock full of guides and resources from finding a vet, caring for your pet, and shopping for pet health products, Vet Street has great information consolidated together with easy navigation so you can find exactly what you are looking for in no time.

The Fun Times Guide: DogsThe Fun Times Guide: Dogs section has a lot of great articles on a variety of general Dog subjects, but be sure to check out their Dog Health & Pet Warnings with insightful articles on cancer, heartworms and dog sunglasses as well as a groovy section on DIY Dog Grooming.


Note on Ranking Talent Hounds’ Top 5 Blogs:

Our choice of Top 5 blogs were based on several considerations:  media-rich informative quality content and community reach, giving preference to blogs with consistency and established communities. Ranking methods included: Alexa Rank, Google Rank, and Facebook and Twitter followers. For our Top 5 Blogs in Dog  Training check out the article here.

Also check out our recent Spotlight on Canadian Trainers.

We are always on the lookout for talented trainers and health care experts. If you would like to get involved with Talent Hounds please contact: info@talenthounds.ca

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