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Little Dachshund Ladybug was attacked by two large dogs and suffered a fractured disk in her spine which left her with no movement in her back legs, in need of a wheelchair and diapers.  After the accident, her former owner wasn’t able to look after her and decided to have a friend take her to be euthanized. However the friend was no friend to Ladybug. Instead of being taken into a facility, she was dumped outside on the street and left to freeze on one of the coldest days of the year.

Thankfully, a kind lady found her and she was turned into Animal Services. She was then sent to a shelter to be cared for but her outlook was grim.

Our wonderful friend Margaret was approached to adopt Ladybug because of her 10+ years of experience working with rescue animals, particularly those with special needs.

Margaret is a long time member of the Helping Homeless Pets Board and also works with Tiny Paws Rescue. She is a positive advocate for rescue dogs everywhere. She’s known by many for her dogs Arthur, who was born without eyes and her previous wheelchair dog Heidi RIP (Heidi sadly passed over the rainbow bridge last year after a long and happy life ruling the roost at Margaret’s house).

Margaret brought Ladybug into her home and has found that she fits right in, playing with the other dogs, enjoying life and her wheelchair.

Margaret says “Rescue dogs rock -they’re awesome! When you adopt a dog you save two lives, the one of the animal you adopted and the one who gets that space in the shelter or foster home. So many of them are deserving dogs that are in rescue for no fault of their own. There are some great pets just looking for a new home.” She adds that dogs with special needs like Heidi, Arthur and Ladybug can bring so much joy and teach us so much. They love life and they overcome adversity. They make the most of every minute.Ladybug

Adopting a dog not only helps dogs in rescue orgs. and shelters, it may even save your life too!

We found that science has proven the many benefits of owning a dog such as reduction of stress hormones, lower blood pressure, more exercise, better moods. Read more on the benefits of owning a dog.

We have also met several Rescues turned Rescuers including Indica from our Rescues Rock TV episode and several Dogs from the Purina Animal Hall of Fame who have saved the lives of their owners.

See Indica, Margaret, Arthur and Heidi in our Rescue Rock! TV episode trailer (the Talent Hounds TV series airs on The Pet Network).

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  • What a wonderful article. I am so glad that Ladybug found a caring and loving home in Margaret. It is great that Ladybug is able to ambulate and enjoy her life!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes- she doesn’t even seem to notice her issues. I was with her at an event and she was curious about everything and so cute, happy and busy. Margaret is truly amazing- so loving and capable.

  • I’m glad that Ladybug was found, but why do people think it’s okay to just dump an animal? If she felt badly about euthanizing the dog she should have said no. Leaving it to starve or freeze to death is far worse.

    My mom has a friend who works at the local Humane Society, she takes many of the special needs dogs/cats. She does an amazing job and helps so many animals.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop. I look forward to connecting with you in Nashville.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I know, incredible isn’t it. Heidi was also left for gator bait by the side of the road and we also did a story of another wiener called Blue who was found half frozen in a dumpster, tossed out by a Pet Store Owner who no longer wanted to sell him. Thanks for hosting and commenting and see you in Nashville. Susie

  • Ladybug is adorable. What a happy ending to what could have been a very sad story!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  • How horrible. I’m glad she found a happy home!

  • I almost could not get past the part about Ladybug being dropped off on the street on the coldest day of the year. What is wrong with people? Thanks for sharing her happy ending on the hop.