Adopt A Dog Month- Be The Change! Today on Thankful Thursday we wanted to highlight some recent rescue stories and recommend Fostering and Adoption as great Options.

Our friends at BlogPaws, helping to get the Adoption Message out and Save Lives, gave us the following staggering and depressing statistics: Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5:1  There are 5,000 shelters in the US. 8 million cats and dogs enter shelters each year, 25% purebreds. Only 3.4 million get adopted. 60% of dogs and 70% of cats are euthanized.

Check out Faith’s Journey- Story of a Puppy Mill Survivor- our Featured Dog of the Day. So inspirational!!


We liked this video Pedigree did to promote Shelter Dogs and Adoption (we are not supported by Pedigree)

Don’t forget if you live in London, Ontario, this weekend The London Humane Society will be at The London Pet Show for the PetSmart Charities Super Adoption Days.  I love their photo below shared from their Facebook page  and their adorable Shelter Dogs and Puppies. Let’s show them some love and help them all find forever homes.


Sad news: In North Carolina, over 100 dogs and other animals were rescued by the Animal Rescue Team with SPCA of Wake CountyGuilford County Animal Shelter [OFFICIAL], and the Pender County Sheriff’s office – the 14th puppy mill rescue in the state in 3 years! The Guilford Shelter is now looking for help to save and care for the animals they have received. Photo from The Humane Society of the United States. Let’s all hope for speedy recoveries and adoptions and help spread the word.


UpdateCambridge Humane Society  We were happy to see today that many of the dogs rescued from filthy horrible conditions in Paris Ontario we reported on and dropped off donations to on July 30 have been adopted – check out the inspiring pages of ADOPTED DOGS  Yay!!! Wonderful all the community support.


I was touched by the story of little 8 year old Westie Jake and Westie Scottie Rescue of Houston (WRSH), sent to me from Kings River Life by Jackie  (thank you). Jake’s senior owner got dementia and could no longer care for him so he was taken in by the Rescue. Jake was so lonely and unhappy until finally, he found the perfect match in an older, but active lady Bertie, whose beloved Westie Sugar had passed away. They are now living very happily together. Yay!!!

On a very positive note, I was also thrilled to hear that the gorgeous senior dog Nika from Doberman Rescue Ontario we met at Blessfest has been adopted and is doing really well- woohoo.  “We would like to inform you about the adoption of Nika and the interest in Johnny (below). We brought both our senior Dobes with us to Blessfest to be blessed, in hopes that it would help them find a home. Older Dobes in the rescue tend to be over looked. The phone was not ringing for visits to meet either of them.  After the event, the phone was ringing for meet and greets. Though the families were not necessarily at Blessfest, showing photos of how amazing both Johnny and Nika were on that day I think really helped”.   Yay!!! We can make a difference sharing photos and stories.


Doberman Rescue Ontario operates a breed specific rescue operation and sanctuary. Their mission is to help the flow of unwanted or abandoned Dobermans, especially those at shelters, to get a second chance at a good life.


They are having an open house on October 19th.  You can see their news and adoptable dogs on their Doberman Rescue Ontario Facebook Page

Todays’ Adoptable Dog Jack.  Jack has been at Doberman Rescue Ontario for over a week now, and he has earned a gleaming report card! He is approximately 1 year old. He’s super sweet & gentle and great with people and dogs. What a handsome young fellow.  Could Jack be your forever friend?



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