Adopt A Dog – Rescue Round Up From The Canadian Pet Expo

Rescue dogs certainly showed that they can be trained this weekend in our Talent Showcase at the Canadian Pet Expo. Noodles the Wonder Dog, Linzy, Harley, Vegas, Kowboy Fred, Arthur and Lady Bug are all amazing dog stars and have been “re-homed”, some more than once.

Did you know millions of pets go into Rescue or Shelters each year in north America and sadly, too many still get euthanized. Help us share the message that rescues aren’t broken, they can learn and they can change lives. Consider adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter after doing your research.  They often end up rescuing their adopted humans by giving unconditional love and loyalty, and making life more fun.

Here is our round up of all the amazing rescue organizations present at this years Canadian Pet Expo, educating people about breeds and responsible pet ownership.

After The Track Greyhound Adoption

Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation

Homeward Bound Rescue 

Westies In Need

Speaking Of Dogs Rescue

Boston Terrier Rescue

PugALug Pet Rescue

Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue

Boxer Rescue Ontario

SOAR Dog Rescue 

Rescues Rock – Adopt A Dog In Need! 

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