Is Adopting A Greyhound Right For You?

We were so excited to have Caroline Malins, a volunteer from After the Track Greyhound Adoption walk in the FouFou Dogs Got Talent Fashion Show with her two gorgeous greyhounds, Joey and Opie. The adorable dogs won over the crowd and help shed light on the amazing work the organization does each year to help greyhounds find forever homes. 

joey, opie and caroline from after the track

Is A Greyhound The Right Dog Breed For You?

Greyhounds are the best-kept dog secret around! They are known for their racing, but they can also make wonderful pets. Greyhounds are not only beautiful and graceful, but they are also quiet and gentle companions. The combination of long, powerful legs, deep chest, flexible spine and slim build allows them to reach average race speeds in excess of 64 kilometres per hour (40 mph). But thinking that greyhounds need a lot of exercise and have a need for speed is actually a myth. They can sleep up to 22 hours a day, and are the true couch potatoes of the dog breed world.

greyhound from after the trackGreyhounds can be playful and silly as well, and can be great with older children and smaller pets. They may have quite a high prey drive so may chase small dogs or cats or other animals in some cases. There are rules about allowing them off leash in some areas. Plenty of positive reinforcement training and socialization is key early on. 

About After The Track 

After the Track is a not-for-profit group of enthusiastic volunteers whose mission is to find suitable forever homes for retired racing greyhounds. The team works to educate the public with more information about the breed to help dispell myths.  
Quest the greyhound from after the track
Through events and fundraising missions they continue to support greyhound adoption, greyhound wellness research and advocacy groups. Many of the greyhounds are retired racers, and come from racetracks all across the southern and eastern United States. 

phoenix from after the track

The dogs are vetted and then transported to us for fostering and adoption. When these greyhounds come into the care of the organization, they have never before lived in a home environment. The team rely solely on foster homes to care for the dogs until they find their forever homes.

The duty of a foster home is simple: to help the retired racing greyhounds make the transition from crate to a home.

greyhound on boat from after the track

Donations and fundraising from generous individuals have enabled the support to canine cancer research, Spanish galgos (greyhounds) and other greyhound-related groups.

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound, becoming a foster, or volunteering with our group, visit: or on their Facebook page to see upcoming events and fundraisers!

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  • You are so right, greyhounds are just great pets for the typical owner who works or just walks once a day. They tend to have a reputation for being athletes due to their racing past, but of course most of their time they are confined, except for short bursts of training. They are always such calm gentle animals too. I would love to have a greyhound, but negotiations have stalled with my husband, as he used to watch a TV show in Australia called Kingswood Country, so if we get a greyhound it would either have to be called Gay Akubra or Repco Lad. For obvious reasons, neither of these names work for me!

  • Hi, welcome to Thank Thursday. I’m SO happy you have joined us – I am very interested in Greyhound re-homing and I really hope you’ll continue to post with us.
    I was just in Spain, where Greyhounds often suffer quite badly, but I was happy to see a number of re-homed greyhounds. I think greyhounds worldwide need as much help as they can get.
    Thank you for joining Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop – really appreciate your support and lhope to see you again. :=o)
    *furry hugs* Pepi.