Be Inspired By The Love Of Your Dog

Today we are thankful and inspired by the human-animal bond and celebrating the love of your dog.

We have seen so many recent examples of dogs doing extraordinary things for their people and people doing extraordinary things inspired by the love of their dogs.

Be Inspired Dog guide and young lady with diabetes

Last week we attended the 48th Annual Purina Hall of Fame Awards at Toronto’s Purina PawsWay.  We love celebrating dogs making a difference and the new inductee’s all demonstrated loyalty and love for their owners. It was a heartwarming ceremony and the heroic stories were truly amazing. See our full event recap including videos and photos.

We also wanted to mention Lisa Vanderpump and her #StopYulin and World Dog Day Campaign inspired by her love for dogs, Carol Bryant and Wigglebutt Warriors inspired by her dog Dex, Dorothy of Five Sibes and her K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign inspired by her Dog Gibson, Love Letters for Ruby and all the Stop Puppy Mills Campaigns inspired by Ruby, Harley, Teddy and many other wonderful dogs, Jen’s work in Therapy and Emergency Response with Gizmo of Gizmo’s Frens, Marie and all her Canine Cancer Awareness, Therapy and Fundraising inspired by Bocker Labradoodle, Bernard of Dog and His Boy and his advocating for his deaf dogs, Judy and her work inspired by Surf Dog Ricochet, Rocky Kanaka and his wonderful Dog for Dog Food Program and Save Our Shelter TV series and so many others.

Make A Pet Card & Share The LOVE Contest

We recently launched our new May contest, running from today until May 30th, 2016. Get inspired and creative with our new fun photo editing app.

Share the love you feel for your pet by uploading a photo and adding a background and overlays.  The photo with the most votes will win a $50 VISA gift card and a cool customized surprise gift!

Make Your Card & Enter The Contest HERE

My daughter made a couple of Kilo the Pug for Mother’s Day.

Kilo the Pug's Mother's Day Card

Kilo the Pug

Kilo the pug loves me Card

Check out our pal Aria’s entry inspired by her adopted dog Beau (@tinkerbeaubeau).

Tinker Beau Card

Marcy made a great card featuring her three Jack Russell’s, Shivers, Sweetie and Lulu.

Sweetie, Shivers and Lulu Card for Mother's DayDog-Friendly Events Inspired By Love

Toronto is full of events that celebrate dogs and the human-animal bond. Here are a couple happening this month. See our full list HERE.

We can’t wait for the Pug Grumble meet up this weekend at Trinity Bellwoods, a local park in Toronto. This meetup is for pugs only, but there are several breed specific meetups all over the city. Visit to search.

dog fashion pug

It’s great to see dog owners being proactive about celebrating their dogs and meeting other like-minded owners. It’s a fun day for all!


The Woofstock High Tea event raising money for rescues and celebrating the love of dogs is on Sunday May 15th then the main event is the last weekend of May 28th and 29th. Don’t miss your chance to meet Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, Doug The Pug, Fishstick and Talent Hounds! We will be filming for our new Roadtrip comedy series Backseat Barkers (The behind the scenes pilot was nominated as best Pet Video in the BlogPaws 2016 Nose to Nose Awards- woohoo- so proud!!!!).

Auditions for Kids 6-11 and their dogs at Woofstock

Kids’ Pet club is our new TV and online project for kids that will be hosted by kids for kids. We want to give them a chance to celebrate the love of their pets and learn. We will be filming auditions for 2 dog-loving hosts ages 6 to 11 at Woofstock.

 How Do You Celebrate The Love Of Your Dog?

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  • Awww, sweet post! Dog love is unconditional and unmatched!

  • Those cards are so cute, and what a great idea! My pets inspire me every day!

  • Love the cards!

  • I especially like that photo of Kilo holding a rose in his mouth. I wonder if I could get Mr. N to hold a flower in his mouth.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      LOL no need with our new app-Kilo will now hold things but he was not too keen on holding the rose. Added in the card LOL

  • Oh how cute!! I love this! My pets have, and do, inspire me to be a better person. Watching, and feeling, their true unconditional love and devotion is truly inspirational!

  • I celebrate the love of my dogs by continuing to serve on the board of the rescue where I got Piper (my newest dog and my first foster failure) and by trying to raise awareness around ending BSL and encouraging people to foster and adopt whenever possible.

  • There is nothing like the love of a dog which I so appreciate and make sure she knows too

  • The cards are so cute! I hope you’ll share tons of photos from Woofstock, it sound like it will be a lot of fun!

  • I really like the cards and am always searching for good “software” packages to make special cards.

  • My love for Wynston is the reason I started blogging. And my dog’s never ending, unconditional love is the reason I’m a full time blogger! It keeps me going 🙂 I’m glad you had a good time at the Purina Hall of Fame Awards!

  • Love the cards!! Look at all the happy!

  • These events sound like a lot of fun. I will have to enter the photo contest if they allow cats (or honorary dogs that happen to look a lot like cats LOL). I love that people are taking so much time to honor the relationship they have with their pets these days. 🙂

  • I celebrate their love every day. How can you not? Great post- the cards are really cute!

  • How cute!! Great post! I love the cards 🙂

  • Those cards are so precious. I am excited to see you soon at BlogPaws, too!

  • These are great cards, Kilo looks adorable! Wonderful contest! I’m a huge believer in the Human Animal Bond, I see it clearly in the therapy dog visits with my Husky, Icy. We show our love for our dogs by doing nearly everything with them from hiking to cafe-ing to vacationing with them. They are our family!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them