Curbie’s Rescue Story

We met Tina, a volunteer at Boston Terrier Rescue Canada and her two rescues, Curbie and Sookie at this years Canadian Pet Expo. She explained how she adopted Curbie through the rescue organization.

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier mixes across Canada.

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How Curbie joined the family

Curbie was a family pet, but after a year and a half, the family decided that they could no longer care for him. He was not a good fit for their family through no fault of his own. He was surrendered to Boston Terrier Rescue. 

When Tina heard about Curbie, she stepped up to adopt him. It was love at first sight. After about five minutes Curbie was bonded to Tina and they’ve been together ever since. Tina told us he is her “pride and joy.”


We spoke to Tina about adopting rescue animals. She urges those who want to get a dog to do research about the type of dog that might fit their lifestyle, then consider saving a rescue first. There are millions of dogs looking for homes every year across north America. Many adoptable dogs are, or have the appearance of being pure bred like Curbie. They are not damaged. They can be trained and make wonderful pets.

“That’s the best way to get a dog, because you are helping take them out of rescues or puppy mills, and you are giving them a forever loving home.” Tina

Read more about the dangers of buying a puppy at a pet store and puppy mills in our Say NO to puppy mills post.

About Boston Terrier Rescue

The volunteer based group rescues Boston Terriers that are abandoned, neglected, abused or that can no longer be cared for by their owners. Once in the care of the rescue, they receive medical attention, positive training, support and love, while they wait to be adopted.

Their ultimate goal is to match every dog with a permanent, loving home. They follow a careful adoption process.

Through promoting responsible dog ownership, spay/neutering and positive training methods, the rescue aims to help Boston Terriers everywhere.

About the Boston Terrier Breed

As we found while researching  the Boston Terrier breed for our breed library, they are smart, highly trainable, athletic and fun. Prospective owners should read about their special qualities, characteristics and requirements before adopting or buying and make sure they are a match. This will help reduce the number of dogs like Curbie being surrendered to shelters and rescues.

If you are considering adopting a dog, check out a local rescue, Humane Society, ASPCA or shelter fist. You can also browse online from trusted sites like Petfinder to help locate specific breeds.

Adoptable Dog of the Week : Lola

 adoptable Boston Terrier Rescue Lola

Currently in the Boston Terrier Rescue Canada’s care and looking for her forever home is Lola. According to her foster family, the three year old black and white Boston is a smart affectionate little girl. She is looking to be adopted into an adult household.

Learn more about Lola on her adoption profile

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