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Cute And Inspiring Rescue Animal Videos

We were so thankful our video for the Backseat Barkers Comedy Series was nominated for Best Pet Video at the BlogPaws 2016 Nose-to- Nose Awards. Our video series stars rescue pug, Fishstick. It is intended to promote adopting a rescue and selecting the breed and dog that’s right for you in a humorous entertaining way.

Congratulations to all of the nominees of the BlogPaws 2016 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards. We are all winners! Our thanks and admiration goes out to all the talented people involved in creating and supporting the Blog Paws community and awards program.

Videos Help Rescues

This year, we feel it is worth highlighting that all of the nominated videos promoted rescues in different creative ways. Video can be such a powerful medium with which to entertain and influence. They all show that rescues are not broken or damaged, rather they can make amazing family pets or video stars. Showcasing these videos and efforts in the BogPaws Awards shares the messages even further and helps Rescues more.


Congratulations to this year’s winner: 

Real Tree House Cats of Chicago: The Interview

Tree House is a humane organization promoting the inherent value of every animal and strives to educate the public about proper and responsible animal care, with a focus on the care and placement of stray cats with special physical and emotional needs. They are committed to finding every healthy and treatable animal a home and to helping lead the way to a No-Kill nation.

Watch their new Real Tree House Cats episode with a great interview, featuring Natalie Bomke of Fox 32 Chicago! (Celebri-kitties included)

Best Pet Blog Video Finalists:

Talent Hounds: Backseat Barkers Behind the Scenes

Our fun behind the scenes interview for a hilarious new blended family comedy for dog lovers. The comedy series will explore the world of young millennials where 60% have a pet and consider them family. It shows the different breed characteristics and how important it is to do your research when choosing a pet. It also promotes adoption and has useful tips for traveling with pets.

In our first video for the series, Mom and Dad (Jess and Hugh) have just moved in together with their ‘step-kids’ Fishstick the rascally rescue Pug and Nana the well behaved Border Collie (think The Odd Couple). The humans are blind with romantic bliss however, the polar opposite canines don’t agree. Their tell all observations deliver humor as they are forced together on a two-week family road trip around Ontario.

Check out the celebrity interview that Fishstick the Pug did with Amy, the editor of Pet Guide. We are currently donating any $ to Fishstick’s Rescue.

The gang checks out Woofstock and the beautiful Fairmount Royal York hotel.

Jingle® & Bell® with Best Friends Animal Society®: Our Wish

Hallmark’s Jingle & Bell teamed up to help Best Friends Animal Society find loving forever homes for shelter pets. We love that they captured animal lovers’ messages about their hopes for the future of homeless animals to help end the cycle.

Documentary – “A Voice for Lil Olive” (Italian Greyhound Puppy Mill Survivor) – Trailer

We are very inspired by nominee “A Voice for Lil Olive” heart-warming and inspirational feature documentary coming in 2016 from award-winning filmmaker Pete Schuermann.

The film explores the special bond between pets and their families, and how rescued dogs change lives. The film’s mission is to make people aware of and change the stigma about rescued pets through the telling of Lil Olive’s tale. In this way, she becomes the voice for so many dogs and animals in need.

We love that they will be bring awareness to the fight against Puppy Mills.

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More Cool Videos That Help Rescues

Video content is a great way to promote adoption, build awareness of Puppy Mills,  help end the stigma against rescue animals and help ensure fewer animals go into shelters or rescues.  By creating shareable videos, you can influence and inform people.  You can also donate the revenue from ads on YouTube like we often do. We get less than $1.0o per 1000 views.  However, it just takes one video to go viral for revenue to make a difference and every dollar counts.  Just be careful not to use someone’s music or you can not monetize and make sure you are set up to collect ad revenue by ticking the monetize option.

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We created a fun video of my rescue, Kilo the Pug dancing in the Magic Mike XXL trailer. We thought it was a great way to have some fun and raise money for his rescue Homeward Bound Rescue. The idea was “have a laugh and save a life”, all viewers had to do was watch the video, subscribe and share it.

Saving lives never sounded so funky! The East Bay SPCA located in Oakland, CA made a parody video for the hit song “Up Town Funk” called Oaktown Pup staring rescues looking to be adopted. They urged viewers to share and help them get the word out that adopting pets is the cool thing to do.

Hope for Paws makes heartbreaking videos showing amazing rescue stories. It follows a team as they rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs who are often abandoned or neglected. The videos help promote and gain revenue for the organization and help to get the dogs adopted.

The Mayhew Animal Home in London released a video promoting dog adoption that reminds us you always have an automatic pick-me-up at home as long as you have a pet. No matter how bad your day was no one loves you more unconditionally than a dog and a rescued dog loves you even more than that!

The Driving Dogs viral video for the New Zealand SPCA was a clever way to not only show how intelligent and trainable a rescue dog can be, it also helped raise funds for other dogs in need and the SPCA. We love their slogan, “dogs this smart deserve a home”, we couldn’t agree more.

What’s Your Favourite Video Promoting Rescues?

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