Cute Puppies and UBER Canada Help Rescue Dogs In Need

In anticipation of National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day on April 30th, Uber Canada is teaming up with local shelters and rescues across Toronto to deliver cute puppies for playdates  #UberPUPPIES!

Today from 11am-3pm Torontonians will get an on-demand rescue dog experience like no other (click here to see the participating dogs).

The doggy-delivery option will only be available between 11a.m. and 3 p.m. on April 28 . Companies who want to benefit from puppy delivery can order the service through their mobile app under the “puppies” tab. Uber says deliveries will be made within fifteen minutes of the request.

Note: the service is only available to office addresses (I am working from home today or I would definitely order one to donate).

Uber offered the popular puppy delivery service to Toronto back in April 2015 to raise awareness for the same cause.

Scientific research shows that looking at and petting dogs can increase hormones that improve moods and reduce levels of stress hormones. What’s better than a puppy play date for a mid-day de-stress (as long as it does not stress the Puppies of course)?

This fun initiative will help raise funds and awareness of adopting rescue dogs in need. All of the dogs participating are currently up for adoption. We think rescue dogs rock and love to help promote initiatives that support local shelters and rescues. It is exciting to see all the creative ways people are finding to do this (we had a ball at the Wigglebutts Uncorked fundraiser last week).

Each dog will be accompanied by a shelter rep and the adoption process can even start at the playdate (although I am sure they will insist on doing the proper research so they find the right matches).

Donate through Playing with Puppies- Win Win

The program costs only $30 for 15 minutes of playtime and all proceeds are donated to the participating rescue orgs. and shelters including:

Adopt Don’t Shop

While we do not recommend impulse adoptions,  we believe rescues deserve a second chance in a loving home. If you are considering getting a dog,  consider adopting a rescue dog. When you adopt a dog from a local shelter or rescue organization, you help two dogs. First, the one you are adopting and second, the dog who can take its place with a foster family or in the shelterUntil no pet is left in a shelter, adopting is a great option.

Smiley and Boy cuddle

Smiley the rescue brings joy to everyone he meets, Read his happy tail HERE

Read: 9 Things You Learn When You Adopt A Rescue Dog

Take our fun Breed Quiz to see what dog breed best matches you and learn more about your favourite types of dogs in our Breed Library. Always do your research, meet the breed and the dog and find one that’s meant for you.


Through our work supporting various charity events, supporting rescues and our Rescues Rock documentary, we have seen first-hand the difference rescue dogs can make.

My rescue pug Kilo began as my foster from Homeward Bound Rescue. My family loved him so much we couldn’t imagine life without him. We chose to adopt him and make him a permanent member of the family. Adopting a rescue dog has certainly changed my life for the better.

Rescued dogs remind us that the best things in life are the things most often taken for granted like a warm and safe place to sleep, love, clean water, and enough nutritional food. When you open your heart and home to a rescue dog you may be surprised with the changes it makes to your life.

One of our key messages at Talent Hounds is that rescue dogs are not necessarily broken, they can be trained, and they can have so much love to give. One of our most heartbreaking stories we’ve come across at Talent Hounds is of Blue.

An innocent puppy thrown away to die alone in a dumpster. He was rescued just in time and has gone on to become the spokesdog for Tiny Paws Rescue. Watch his story below.

For more incredible stories of rescue dogs who are making a difference with their second chance at life, read: 22 Amazing Rescue Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind.

Do what you can to share the message to Fundraise, Volunteer, Donate, End Puppy Mills, Spay and Neuter, and Adopt Before You Shop because #RescuesRock.

Share your rescue story or creative fundraising ideas with us and help promote adoption and build awareness.

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  • Love these stories and only wish I could adopt more

  • I already have one more dog than the city…er, suggests. But I would love to adopt more. Maybe I need to keep my hoarder needs in check.