Amazing Dog Rescue Stories

From dumpsters and death row to loving homes

Too many dogs still get surrendered to shelters and rescues, and it’s estimated that 3 million are euthanized each year.You won’t believe these two dog rescue stories- literally surviving dumpsters and death row. Grab your tissues but don’t worry- happy endings in Ontario.

One person’s rubbish is another’s beautiful Lucy

Beautiful Lucy was rescued from a dumpster in Mexico along with her siblings. It’s hard to believe how anyone could think of this gorgeous little girl as rubbish.

Thankfully all the siblings made it to Ontario and were adopted.

We were stunned and horrified when we heard that Linda had to dive into the dumpster to retrieve dachshund puppy Blue outside a pet store 2 years ago, and now we hear a similar story.

We were stunned and horrified when we heard that Linda had to dive into the dumpster to retrieve dachshund puppy Blue outside a pet store 2 years ago, and now we hear a similar story.

Why would someone want Annie killed?

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Annie was saved from death row in a shelter in Ohio just before she was to be euthanized.

After seeing Annie on Pet Finder, Shauna fell in love with the gentle giant.  She found out she was in a shelter and scheduled to be euthanized. Shauna called and pleaded for them to hold onto her and not to euthanize her. Shauna and her husband knew they needed to act fast in order to save Annie’s  life. They drove all the way from Toronto to Ohio to meet Annie and it was love at first sight. Within minutes of meeting, Shauna knew she made the right choice. Annie turned out to be a pure breed and very sweet girl who fit perfectly into Shauna’s family. To this day, Shauna still wonders how someone could have left Annie to be euthanized.

Annie wasn’t Shauna’s first rescue dog and since starting to rescuing animals she has noticed a key trait. She says all of the dogs she has adopted through rescue know that they got a second chance.

Shauna feels rescuing and adopting a dog in need is the way to go if you are considering adding a dog into your family.

“These dogs aren’t going to find a home unless you go out and adopt them” -Shauna

Help stop Puppy Mills- never buy a puppy at a pet store or if you don’t know about the breeder.
#Rescue dogs rock.

#Adopt Don’t Shop!

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  • Aw wow what a story! There are sooooo many dogs in shelters who need us!!!! Adopt!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  • What a great post. I am all for #Adopt Don’t Shop. Even when someone is looking for a specific breed of dog. When I worked at the shelter, I was amazed that we would actually get purebred dogs brought to us to be surrendered. The shelter that I was at kept a list of people that were looking for specific dogs so if one came in we could quickly get it adopted. I hope all shelters do this. It is one less dog, one less full kennel in the shelter.

  • Thank you for sharing this. People need to know that so many animals are needing good, passionate homes. 🙂

  • Those are very lucky dogs! I wish all dogs could be as lucky…

  • Shelter pets of all kinds get a bad reputation, which is really unfortunate. My kitties are both rescues! They are wonderful companions and I get compliments about how beautiful they are all the time. My 1st pet, a dog, was a rescue too and she made a huge impact on my life as a child.

  • It is heartbreaking that anyone would throw away a dog or cat! It just makes me so sad. There is no need for unnecessary euthanasias in shelters; I hope someday that we will all come together and realize this and work together to save all the homeless pets out there.