Happy Birthday Kilo the Pug!

Talent Hounds Mascot, Kilo the Pug, is celebrating his 4th Birthday and Gotcha Day

Happy Birthday to Kilo the PugKilo is turning the big 0-4 today! He’s out of his puppyhood and dog-teen years and has matured into a mostly sweet little adult. It’s been 2 years since he came to live with us, and we love him a little more each day. It’s hard to imagine life without his cute little nose at our heels or in our laps (he is a velcro dog).

There is nothing Kilo the Pug likes more than food, not even me. So what better way to celebrate than with birthday treats from our new Dog Licks Recipe Series. Unfortunately, Kilo does not like sharing his food or attention, so he had a large group of imaginary friends and his family at his little party.

Kilo the Pug and his Birthday Treat Tray of Dog Licks Pups

Kilo is a rescue from Homeward Bound Rescue, an organization that specializes in rescuing squishy faces like pugs and bulldogs. He had been through four homes and just turned 2 according to the information available. He started out as a foster for us, but soon we knew that Talent Hounds would be his forever home.  The time has flown by, and Kilo is now a certified member of the crew!

Here’s an adorable video of Kilo Enjoying his special day! He actually stole a sweet potato Pup when I was not looking then he was so excited to taste the yoghurt and cream cheese frosting on his cupcakes, he couldn’t even wait to pose for a picture. Silly Kilo, we’re glad you enjoyed.

We made such a lovely assortment, he couldn’t finish it all, although he would have liked too. He was only allowed a small sample, much to his chagrin, and the icing and part of a cookie were low fat, low sugar. I am not as big on sweets as Kilo but I helped out a little and I loved the sweet potato pup too.

Best Birthday Party Treats Ever- for Dogs and Kids

These Pup themed Cupcakes or Pupcakes, Cookies, and Veggie Pups make the best birthday Party Treats Ever for a Greedy Pug like Kilo! One of them even looks like a pug.  Talk about a cupcake selfie or a Pugcake.

Dog Licks Birthday Party Pup Cupcakes and Treats

We also made a cute Westie pup, a brown mutt pup, a sweet potato and spinach pup and even lab and dachshund cookies!

The dog-friendly recipes inspired by dogs are available through our new series, Dog Licks, and are perfect for any party (humans can eat these too, they just have less fat and sugar than most usual party fare and substitute carob for chocolate).

kilo enjoying his birthday party

Here is Kilo looking very smug with his imaginary friends by his side. It’s his party and he’ll eat if he wants to…and he always wants to.  Doesn’t he look so cute in his birthday hat? We love you, Kilo!

In honour of Kilo’s birthday today we will be donating to his rescue Homeward Bound and also to Pugalug Pug Rescue.

We wish you could be celebrating with us! Have you ever thrown a pup party? Let us know!


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