Today we are highlighting our friends from the amazing dog rescue organization, Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue

Based in southern Ontario, Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue is a volunteer rescue group that has successfully placed over 600 dogs since its start in 2001. The organization provides care for dogs that have been surrendered by their owners, rescued from puppy mills, or are in danger of losing their lives in local animal control facilities. We met them and some of their beautiful pups a few weeks ago at the PawsWay Rescue Me Event and were thrilled to hear at Woofstock that the pups had all found wonderful homes. See stories HERE . See videos HERE.

We give thanks to all the Volunteers and celebrate the organization’s recent Rescue Happy Tails , particularly this one – Jazz:

Jazz was a very sick Pekingese last September.  He was a breeder who was supposed to be euthanized, as he was deemed no longer useful. When he arrived at the vet, he had a a hernia and a ruptured eye that required e a graft and little cosmetic eye tucks so he could close his eyes properly.  He also needed to be neutered. When he arrived at his foster home, he looked like a monster with a shaved face and body, big ugly eyes from the graft, and stitches in other places – a sad and scary sight.


*Photo of Jazz (left) from PSBRescues site

Look at him now. Jazz ended up transforming into a very beautiful, sweet Pekinese his fosters fall in love with. They finally found the perfect couple for Jazz in April – and with many tears, said goodbye and handed him over ….along with a suitcase full of toys, sweaters, t-shirts, boots, blankets, leash sets he had accumulated in their care.

The new mom has kept the volunteer fosters up to date with Jazz stories almost every day and so has kept him very fresh in their minds. One day the fosters were in the area where he was adopted while placing another dog. They decided to stop in to see Jazz and wondered if he would even remember them. He didn’t seem to at first, then all of a sudden, he started wiggling like crazy – he was so excited that he did 4 rolls on the ground and started hopping around – HE REMEMBERED! It was amazing to see how happy he was.

It was a nice visit with him and his family. The volunteers said “It was great to know that these little guys that you volunteer to foster and rehabilitate will remember how you helped them. Plus seeing them so happy in their new homes is absolutely wonderful!”

Are you thinking about Adopting a rescue!? Check out our featured Dog of the Day!

25385982-2-large 25385982-3-large

*photos of Buddy from PSBRescues site

Buddy  Holly

Buddy has adjusted to life outside of a puppy mill very well. He is currently working very hard at his training. Now with he is daily routine, he is house trained. Buddy has already learned some basic commands like ‘sit.’ He loves to go for walks, and has become very playful! He is happiest cuddling on the couch, or lying in his bed with a bone.

Buddy adores other animals, although some care must be taken when introducing him. Buddy gains a lot of comfort and confidence from his canine foster siblings. He must go to a home with another dog. He also loves cats! He will require a patient and attentive forever home, but once you have earned his trust you will have a buddy for life!!

Have a look at Buddy Holly’s profile HERE for more information on adoption!

Pomeranian & Small Breed Rescue (PSBR) is in desperate need of foster homes, people to help at events, & other various aspects of rescue work. There are many areas that need help, even simply transporting a dog, so there IS something YOU can do, to HELP! No matter how small. If you think you have what it takes to work in rescue, why wait? Now is the time! Fill out there Volunteer Application to begin the process!

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