Happy Thanksgiving – What are you thankful for?


Giving Thanks for all the Wonderful Things in Life

We’d like to wish all of our American friends a very happy Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy your you family, friends and delicious meals. Let’s all take time to be thankful for everything wonderful in our lives.


Keep your furry friends and family healthy and safe this year. Check out my SAFETY TIPS tips featuring Kilo the food thief and ninja pug plus some tips from fellow pet bloggers It’s Dog Or Nothing , Dolly The DoxieASPCA, SlimDoggy.

Avoid cooked bones, garlic, onion, wine, chocolate, nutmeg, avocado, grapes and other products that can be toxic to your dog.

Things we have learned the hard way: Tidy up right after appetizers or dinner and make sure counters, cupboards, garbage and dishwashers are not accessible – Kilo is can climb and jump very high. He was trying to be “helpful” and went and cleaned up the appetizers when we moved to the dining table from the living room at a dinner last week. Luckily he only got a cracker, a carrot stick and some tiny bits of smoked salmon. He did grab a seed of an olive but did not swallow it. He knocked over and smashed a wine glass but did not drink any wine or cut himself. He also washed the dishes at another dinner, when someone left the dishwasher open, cleaned the dining table left overs as we were saying goodbye to guests (luckily fruit/cheese and crackers not chocolate), stole chocolate brownies off a counter(trip to vet) and ate extremely smelly salad dressing and other scraps when the garbage can was not sealed tightly enough and he managed to knock it over.


Enjoy healthy and  yummy pumpkin recipes both you and your dog will enjoy.

Too Much Turkey, click here for some healthy tips to stay fit! HERE

What are we thankful for this year? 

For family and friends, including the dogs who make us better each and everyday!

For health and happiness.

For working at something we love.

For all the amazing volunteers and workers who help animals and people in need

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