What Can You Do To Help Stop Puppy Mills?

Ruby’s Love Letter Legacy in Canada

Ruby's Love Letter Legacy
Ruby’s Love Letter Legacy is a National Letter Writing Campaign to STOP PUPPY MILLS in Canada! This campaign has been launched by Ontario author Mary Giuffre and her husband Paul Clark, who saved a puppy named Ruby from a Canadian Puppy Mill.

Puppy mills are inhumane breeding facilities where the focus is on profit rather than the well-being of the dogs.   There is very little concern for the health of the dogs breeding and the puppies they produce. The mothers and puppies are often neglected, left starving and sick, without medical care. We recommend considering adoption but if you buy a puppy, always research the breed and the breeder.

Ruby’s Story and photos Courtesy of Mary and Paul:

“On April 19, 2012 a tiny puppy mill survivor we named ‘Ruby’ changed our lives forever. Her health was seriously compromised by the horrible effects of six caged years and our time together passed much too quickly. Despite best efforts Ruby took her place among the Angels on March 10, 2014.

So Ruby’s life was not lived in vain, we have made a commitment to educate everyone we meet about the horror of puppy mills. We started with a kids’ book called ‘Angel in a Dog Suit’ to introduce families to these inhumane dog breeding farms, in the gentlest way possible.

OUR NEXT STEP is to continue to nudge our government officials through letter writing campaigns and not let up until there are NO MORE PUPPY MILLS in Canada!”

Ruby's Hell Pit

Ruby lived in this Hell Pit for 6 years.

Ruby's Hell Pit 2

Ruby’s first moments of freedom. Apr. 19, 2012.

Ruby's first moments of freedom

Ruby’s first moments of freedom

Ruby's first moments of freedom 2

Ruby free at last

“A sweeter being than Ruby has not graced the planet and our plan is to let her example lead the way. ‘Ruby’s Love Letter Legacy’ will deliver a serious message in a peaceful way, so we believe February 14th is the perfect day to spread the word. Imagine a FLOOD of RED ENVELOPES reaching our government officials around Valentine’s Day every year! AND if we keep on top of what is coming up in each province, we can also do mail blasts to individual governments, when we know and issue needs addressing. ”

Mary and Paul -Stop Puppy Mils Campaign

Mary and Paul


• change laws around puppy mills and backyard breeders in Canada
• close down puppy mills in Canada


Lola’s Legacy’https://www.facebook.com/lolaandluka in the USA inspired Mary and Paul on this brilliant path. Thank you to Sandra Parker Rouse.

Say No To Puppy Mills

Puppy Mill Survivor and Hero Harley

Our Hero US Puppy Mill Survivor Harley

Read our story about Puppy Mill Survivors Harley and Teddy and their incredible Say No to Puppy Mills Campaign

You can also find out more about  The Puppy Mill Project (TPMP) to raise awareness and educate the masses about this issue and end puppy mills.  According to the TPMP, 99% of all pet store puppies are from puppy mills. Approximately 2.5 million puppies are born in puppy mills annually in the U.S. and more than 400,000 breeding stock dogs are imprisoned in these kennels.

Come On Canadians – Send a Letter

MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith is presenting legislation at month’s end that will bring Animal Welfare Laws into the 21st Century in Canada.
Please join https://www.facebook.com/groups/RubysLegacy/
Download ~ Sign ~ Mail letters in Red Envelopes to your MP in support.
Keep sending letters THOUGHOUT FEBRUARY!

Adopt Don’t Shop Because Rescues Rock- TV Trailer

Mary and Paul’s Children’s Books

Mary and Paul have also written award-winning children’s books inspired by Ruby.

Find out more about ‘Angel in a Dog Suit’:www.ScribbleAndGrin.com

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