Meet Our ‘Dog of the Day’ Daisy

A Puppy Mill Rescue

Today’s Dog of the Day is Daisy, a rescued Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix. We spoke with owner, Heather about adopting a rescue, puppy mills and how much Daisy loves her forever home.


Daisy was rescued along with her sister when they were only 7-8 months old from a puppy mill situation. She was destined to be used as a breeding dog at an Ohio puppy mill.  Thankfully the laws regarding puppy mills changed around 4 to 5 years ago.  In reaction to the changes, some smaller puppy mills ended up dumping some of their dogs with local rescue groups.


Daisy and her sister

Puppy mills are inhumane breeding facilities where the focus is on profit rather than the well-being of the dogs.  There is very little concern for the health and happiness of the dogs and the puppies they produce. Female “breeding” dogs are bred as frequently as possible to turn out a profit, then are destroyed or discarded once they can no longer reproduce.  Their puppies are taken away from them prematurely, which may result in a rise of disease and socialization issues.

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That’s when Heather met Daisy. She was adopted from Free to Be Me Rescue in the Albany, NY area. After living in a crate for 8 months, Daisy was afraid of everything and didn’t want to go potty outside. She required lots of patience and understanding to overcome her fears. But Heather’s understanding and love paid off. Now she enjoys going to the local dog park to chase tennis balls, hiking in the Adirondacks and running around with friends. Heather has taken Daisy back to the rescue group’s adoption events on occasion but has never run into her sister.


Heather says Daisy seems more Pomeranian, since she loves the snow and playing fetch. But her Chihuahua characteristic does come out sometimes in her attitude that makes her growl at very big dogs at the dog park who invade her personal space.


Adopting Rescue Dogs

Daisy isn’t Heather’s first rescue dog. Their first dog, Toby, they adopted from the same rescue group after he was found as a stray. He sadly developed lung cancer and crossed over the rainbow bridge after less than a year. Heather explains “the joy of watching him blossom from a scared stray into a happy loving member of the family has convinced me that rescue is an amazing experience”.


Toby and Heather’s Daughter

Daisy’s transformation is similar. The once frightened dog destined for a horrible life is now confident and happy with her forever family.  Daisy lives with two cat siblings that were also adopted from a rescue group as kittens. Although the family has been thinking of adopting a second rescue dog since the cats are not that interested in playing with Daisy.

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