Rescued Carolina Dog (AKA American Dingo), Yuki is our “Dog of the Day”

When Kim Bond went to the USDDN world championships in Georgia the last thing she was expecting was to add another dog to her pack. But when Kim and Yuki found each other, it was love at first sight.

meet dog of the day yuki an american dingo carolina dog

“I certainly was NOT expecting to come home with another dog but she stole my heart at first glance and I had to take her.”

Yuki’s Story

Yuki was living on the streets and picked up by animal control. She was taken to the county pound where her days were numbered. She was only a year old when she was picked up. They suspected that Yuki had lived on the streets for some time, maybe even most of her young life. However, it seemed luck was on her side. She was assessed and pulled (with hours remaining) by Etowah Valley Humane Society…she was saved!
At the Humane Society, Yuki waited and waited. Six months passed and she was still not adopted. Then one day, they put her in the truck and took her to the frisbee championship where she finally found her loving human, Kim.

“I truly believe that she was sent to me by some greater power, Yuki shares such a unique and intense bond with me. She has connected with me on a level that no other dog has and that alone makes her special to me. “

Yuki Carolina Dog Dog of the Day

A Unique Dog Breed

Yuki is a Carolina Dog, also known as an American Dingo. Carolina Dogs are believed to be direct descendants of the ancient dogs that followed humans across the Bering Strait thousands of years ago. Carolina Dogs lived wild in the forests and swamps of South Carolina and Georgia up until about 30 years ago.
With all the traits of hunters they are alert, quick, stealthy, smart and agile; which is how this breed survived in the wild for so long.
Considered a rare breed, Carolina Dogs are not that well known but domesticate very well. They can be shy with humans outside of their owners but they are clean, easy to house train and loving, affectionate companions. Kim advises that Carolina dogs must be socialized early and consistently to avoid behavioral problems. Carolina Dogs are known as escape artists and often figure their way out of yards and enclosures, so if you are considering a Carolina Dog, boundary training and tall fences are a MUST!

Training a Star

Kim tells us that Yuki is a very clever, engaging, inquisitive, athletic and outgoing dog. Very keen and quick to pick up behaviors and great at problem-solving.
Yuki dog of the day catching disc

“I am currently training Yuki in disc and agility and she is doing very well in both. She has already competed in a of couple disc trials. I am hoping, with time, that she will also join my other dogs on the Woofjocks team.”

Kim is a very well-respected Canadian trainer with K9 Central and also performs with the talented Woofjocks. She trained Yuki as she trains all her dogs, with positive reinforcement based learning techniques. Kim is a huge fan of target stick training as well as pedestal/perch work for added concentration and impulse control. Yuki just loves to stand on anything off the ground so Kim used her love of this and taught her to climb a ladder. She also easily learned how to do the ‘foot stall’ trick.
 Yuki Dog of the day standing on feet trick

“Learn what your dog’s natural strengths are and use that in your training, it keeps it fun! I’ve had Yuki for two years now and I can’t imagine my life without her. She has such a special place in my heart, I come home after a stressful day at work and her warm brown eyes make it all go away. She is also cuddle level expert!”

See photos of Kim and her other gorgeous dog Angus who were winners in last year’s Top Dog Trick Show at the Canadian Pet Expo with us.

Kim encourages everyone to consider rescuing/adopting a shelter dog as they have so much to offer. Whether you want a family pet, a sport or working dog, shelters surely have a dog waiting and willing to meet your needs. Give a shelter dog a chance, they won’t let you down!

Don’t rescue dogs rock? Do you have a rescue dog that you think could be our next “Dog of the Day” tell us your story in the comments below!

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  • Beautiful story! There’s nothing like a rescue, not only because you find your new best friend and give him or her a chance at a happy life, but it makes your soul soar. Whenever I speak to someone who bought their dog, I feel sad for all the homeless animals dying in shelters, who never had the chance at a home of their own. The next time you’re ready for a pet, adopt don’t shop and please share that message with everyone you know. Shelter animals get a bad rap so visit your local rescue today.

  • What a neat dog! She found the right owner. Now I want to teach the ladder trick.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Me too. Kim is such a great trainer and performer. She always inspires me. I might take Kilo to work with her – she is about 1-2 hours away from me.

  • So glad to hear that Yuki found the right owner for her. What a great story, she is a beautiful breed!

  • I can certainly see how you fell in love with this pup – she’s gorgeous, and clever too, learning those tricks, especially the foot stall.

  • Yuki is a really beautiful girl! It is awesome that she ended up in the care of such a talented dog trainer. It looks like she is making the fullest of life. It is nice to have someone who understands your faults and emphasizes your strengths!

  • Wonderful story but then I always love the stories about rescued dogs, they make me so happy. She is beautiful and so smart, thanks for sharing

  • Rescues are the ONLY pets to have. Even pedigrees have rescues I discovered reently! I mean Pedigrees!!!!! Wow. Apprently some are so high maintenance people don’t realise 🙁 Hence Persian rescues, Siamese rescues.

    It’s rescue or nothing for us and Yuki proves just how great a rescue breed can be. What talent and what a story. It made me smile to read about her (although I think our open gardn might not challenge her escape abilities too much!)

    Great story Thank You!!!!@

  • We LOVE rescue stories! Yuki is such a lucky doggie. Our Mom has a friend who lives in Etowah!

  • What a gorgeous dog! I’ve never heard of this breed before. A great story too – definitely sounds like Yuki and Kim were meant to be!

  • What an amazing story! And gosh, I love Yuki’s ears. I am not familiar with the Carolina breed – very interesting about their history. So glad she and Kim found each other.

  • Yuki looks like a fun dog! What a great story and lucky dog. She will have loads of fun!

  • Yuki is gorgeous, and obviously quite talented! It’s wonderful when an immediate & special bond like this is found.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • How wonderful that Yuki and Kim found each other! I do believe that some dogs and people are just made for each other!

  • Yuki! I hope you get a home so soon! you are so very talented in your tricks!

  • We live in South Carolina and had no idea about this particular breed of dog.

  • Such a pretty pup! I haven’t ever seen her breed before.