Therapy Pugs – Sailor & Scarlett

Therapy Pugs

Sailor and Scarlett, the Therapy Pugs are 4-year-old litter-mates and therapy dogs. They are members of  Allan’s Angels Therapy Dogs, certified by The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Incorporated (BBTD).  Allan’s Angels Therapy Dogs is one of two Connecticut chapters of BBTD, the other being Newtown Strong Therapy Dogs, founded after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Sailor and Scarlett are active members in the Reading Education Assistance Dogs® (R.E.A.D.®) which is a program of Intermountain Therapy Animals out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

R.E.A.D. is a nationally and internationally recognized program that uses trained therapy assist animals to help kids improve their literacy, reading and communication skills and to learn to love reading by reading to an interested, non-judgmental animal. Read more about the many benefits of reading assistance dogs HERE.

Sailor and Scarlett go weekly to a first grade class and to local libraries and book stores with their lovely patient handler to listen to children read. We were fortunate enough to meet the pugs one afternoon at  Jack and Allie’s, an awesome children’s bookstore in Vernon, CT.  The way the children responded to the pugs was incredible, and Sailor and Scarlett loved the attention and cuddles. They put a smile on my face too as you can see below.

IMG_2014 Therapy Pug & Sarah


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