We are so thankful to have met Arthur and his Mom Margaret. BLOG HOP BELOW

This special little dachshund is Arthur! He has overcome being born without eyes and almost euthanized. Today he is a happy boy and a huge inspiration and a wonderful part of mom, Margaret’s life.


At nine weeks old Arthurs breeder decided to take him to the vet to be euthanized  because he was deemed “unsellable” due to being born completely visionless. Thankfully the vet declined to perform the procedure and he was put into the care of “Helping Homeless Pets”, an amazing rescue organization where mom Margaret, a volunteer, then adopted him. He’s a true rescue inspiration and a happy tail! Despite his lack of vision, this determined pup loves to perform tricks, knows many commands, walks on a leash and loves to play. He attended regular puppy classes at Who’s Walking Who and locates Margaret through voice and  little bells she wears on her shoe.


Who would you like to give thanks for? Do you have an Happy Tail like Arthur’s? Talent Hounds will be doing future episodes on Happy Tails, Rescues, Cuties and Heros and we want to feature YOU! And check out the great Rescue organizations featured in our blogs from PawsWay and All About Pets Show.

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  • For one thing, I am thankful for our wonderful kitties who give us much joy. What a wonderful story about Arthur!

  • What a lovely post. We’ve read about Arthur before but it’s a pleasure to read about him again. 🙂

  • What a beautiful story! Brought a tear to my eye, and mum too. What a wonderful lady Margret is and Arthur is just gorgeous. *CUTE ALRT*
    Love that Margret wears bells on her shoes. Inspiring story!
    Thanks for joining Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and hope to see you again this week. :=o)

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks so much- Margaret is a truly wonderful person. We saw more rescues she works with today and yesterday at Woofstock here. Lovely theme- see you next week.

  • Hester 4 years ago

    He looks like he’s smiling in the first picture! So cute!

  • brittany 3 years ago

    It brought tears to my eyes because that is so very sad that he cannot see the beautiful world. He is beautiful the way he is though I wouldn’t want to see an animal that and miserable. I am sorry sweet love.