One Bottle of Pet Shampoo at a Time, This Group Funds Vital Pet Services

Graphic of a dog in sunglasses with the words "Lucy Pet Foundation Products and Charity"

One Pup Inspires a Movement

According to The Lucy Pet Foundation’s estimates, 80 thousand pets are still euthanised each week in the US. Saddened by the state of animal welfare in their country, the dedicated team at Lucy Pet Products decided to do something about it.

Sugar the Golden Retriever and Surfin' Jack

Surfin’ Jack getting friendly with gorgeous Sugar The Golden Retriever


We met up with them at Global Pet Expo and again recently at BlogPaws. We love their passion and mission, and of course their beautiful pets.


It all started with a small mix-breed dog that founder, Joey Herrick, came across with his family. Mistaken for a coyote, the pup was in rough shape, and Herrick took her to the vet to get cleaned up and spayed. Surprisingly, the vet told Herrick that the dog was pregnant and would give birth soon. Herrick took care of the dog, now a member of his family named Lucy, and gave each of her puppies a forever home. Knowing that dogs like Lucy give birth on the streets every day, Herrick understood that “happily ever afters” like hers were quite rare for unwanted puppies. That’s when he decided to create a foundation to provide free neuter and spaying operations to pet owners that were not able to afford it.

The foundation utilises mobile adoption and neutering clinics to make pet care accessible for communities.

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Lucy Pet Products

Surfin' Jack the Golden Retriever- Lucy's Pet Products

Surfin’ Jack

Lucy Pet Products is a pet line designed by Herrick and his team to provide quality supplies to owners. They are Products with a Cause and use the profits to fund their important charity work. The faces of the brands, Surfin’ Jack and Ricky the Cat, are rescued animals themselves, promoting both responsible pet ownership and the love of shelter pets!

Lucy Pet Products

The product range is formulated with extreme care, using the latest in pet science to create high-performance dog shampoo, conditioning spray, and kitty litter. The fur treatments are gentle and promote healthy, soft coats while the litter has the ability to stop ammonia from ever forming, creating a truly scent free box. It’s clear this company has quality on the forefront of this line’s performance ability.

Saving animals, helping communities and producing great products. This is a truly winning scenario.

Learn more and support The Lucy Foundation here. 

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  • piranha Banana 1 year ago

    I love the Lucy Pet Foundation and all their efforts. I was on their commercial last year (the marquee) and got to learn a lot about what they do and their mission. Thank you for sharing information about this great organization — woof!

  • What a great idea and we totally love that surfer dude, Jack!

  • We love Lucy Pet’s mission and their products smell so good!

  • Wonderful products and a wonderful foundation! I bet you loved meeting up with Jack and Sugar again.

  • I love their mission and I love Surfin Jack. I also just tried the lavender shampoo and leave in conditioner on Ruby and loved it!

  • Surfin’ Jack is just the nicest. I was so glad to see him at BlogPaws again this year. And I love their products! I got a sneak peak at their new cat litter a few months ago, and I really thought it was great. Can’t wait to try the shampoos!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  • Prior to BlogPaws I knew of The Lucy Pet Foundation but I didn’t know about the products they sell to help fund the foundation. Such a wonderful Foundation!!!

  • I was really happy to get to know them at BlogPaws, this isn’t a brand I was familiar with before the conference and their mission is awesome. The Foundation is so important for communities across the U.S. It’s pretty awesome that these products benefit the Foundation – I’m going to check out the shampoo.

  • Sounds like a great company! And what a handsome spokesdog!

  • Mr. N had his picture taken with Jack too. I’m looking forward to trying out their shampoos!