The Top Fluffiest Dogs on Talent Hounds

These fluffy Talent Hounds will steal your heart.

4K6C6656Ginger stole the hearts of the entire cast and crew for not only being a cutie but also a therapy dog in training for Ashley featured in the documentary Talent Hounds now airing on The Pet Network.

20121125-IMG_3848Sunshine, a mini poodle and former showdog, is now living out her days in relaxation with doggy mummy Marcia who is none other than a dog groomer. Check out her audition here.

20121125-IMG_3857Carbon is such a sweet fluffy dog. Check out his audition here.

20121125-IMG_3888William, a long hair Chihuahua, is so scrumptious! Check out his audition here.

20121125-IMG_3959Fluffy dog Sonic is super smart and can even count & read! Check out his fantastic audition where he proves old dogs can learn new tricks.

20121209-IMG_5450_CapSweet Sunny is so fluffy, and what a cute face! See his audition here.

elliot (2)Elliot, a collie, wowed us with his stunning looks and amazing agility abilities. Watch him on the run here.

IMG_4503Yardley, an English cocker spaniel, is not only handsome but a well trained dog that exemplifies the training at Who’s Walking Who.

IMG_6021Super sweetie Paddington stole the show with his style and looks! Watch this cutie here.

129Iz_5970Iz is a whiz at stealing your heart. What an unforgettable face! Check out his adorable audition here.

20121209-IMG_5407_CapIs it any wonder this dog’s name is Precious!? What a sweetie! Check out her audition here.

20121209-IMG_5494_CapHope is such a sweet and stylish dog. How sweet is she? Check out her audition (featured with sibling Diamond) here.

       angus (6)

Angus, a Papillon is a special trickster and fast too! Check out his astonishing agility video here.

diamond (3)Diamond is both a girl and man’s best friend. What a sweet puppy face! Check out her audition here.

fable (3)Fable, a silken Windhound looks like something out of a fairy tale. What a pretty dog! And also a service dog too! Check out her audition here.

IMG_4638Twizzler is scrumptious just like the licorice! What an adorable pup! Check out her audition here.

IMG_5962Zoey, a Coton de Tulear, is the cutest fluffiest thing! Don’t you agree? Watch Zoey’s audition here.

IMG_6132Isn’t Elanor a beauty?! Not only is she adorable, she is fantastic at agility.


Daniel, the handsome toy poodle from Over the Rainbow. This adorable boy melted our hearts. See his full profile here.

Our favourite fluffy list would not be complete without our man Buster, an adorable Papihuahua. The scene-stealer heart breaker of them all! And so smart! Check out his audition here.


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