Totally Positive: For Wordless Wednesday, we wanted to capture a little bit of the magic we saw at the All About Pets Show and the very special bond between a great group of young girls and their dogs.


We were impressed with the dedicated trainers and their beautiful dogs we saw at the All About Pets Show. Show see Full Gallery HERE.  Everybody shone, but today, we wanted to highlight the young ladies ages 14-19 and their well-trained best friends in the FouFou Dogs Got Talent Show: Sara and Hero, Taylor and Lottie, Emma and Mabel, Maddisen and Rev, Alyssa and Mia. It was lovely to spend time with them and to be able to showcase their talent. Such smart girls and dogs, cool performances, and good energy. All the kids in the audience were entertained and inspired.

These girls work very hard and commit many hours but clearly have so much fun with their dogs. They are all big fans of Victoria Stilwell and promote positive training.

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Taylor and Lottie

They are so young but so accomplished.

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Sara and Hero

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Alyssa and Mia

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Emma and Mabel

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Maddisen and Rev

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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