Watch our adorable Twelve Dogs of Christmas Video

In the holiday spirit, rescue pug Kilo, who looks like SantaPaws, sings the Twelve Dogs of Christmas and tells us what is on his wishlist.

TH Kilo ready for snow

He wants to see other rescue dogs find forever homes with new families in time for Christmas. However but he wants to encourage people do their research about different dog breeds before they adopt a dog.

We should all try to help those in need, especially at this time of year, but pets should never be impulsive holiday gifts.  Getting a puppy or an older dog is a big commitment so it is very important to get the right dog breed for your personality, lifestyle, time and budget. We love rescues, but if you do decide to buy a puppy, it is very important that you find a responsible breeder and do not support puppy mills.

Try our funny quiz to see which dog breed might make your perfect companion.

Check out our breed library to see dog photos, stories and information from our community members.

Check out Petfinder or visit a local animal shelter or Humane Society near you. Or contact a rescue organization – we can recommend several here in Ontario.

We will donate 40% of the YouTube revenue on this video until the end of the year to Kilo’s Rescue Homeward Bound. You can save a life today by donating as they are in urgent need of funds to save some Puppy Mill Dogs.


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