If you love Puppies, Rescues, Romance and a good laugh, please WATCH, LIKE and SHARE the teaser for our new romantic comedy series “Pippy Love”– see the story below. Lots of views , likes and comments will help us get funding. We are so excited to be moving ahead.


Arts student Emma adopts mischievous little rescue Puppy Pippy and chaos ensues. Then a few weeks later, Emma unexpectedly gets offered an amazing exchange in Italy for 6 weeks. She begs her uptight neat workaholic older sister Sarah to baby sit naughty Pippy. Reluctantly Sarah agrees, and her hectic life gets turned upside down. After a few bumps, twists and training classes, she develops a genuine affection for her new dependent, as well as a strong attraction to a hot guy from the dog park.

A little Pippy Puppy Love does Sarah a whole lot of good.


We had so much fun filming. Thank you to Talent Hounds Community member Marcy and her adorable very well trained puppy Shivers who plays Pippy, to our other talented star Sophie who plays Emma (and her friends and family for photos), to Aria for wonderful editing and to Angela for excellent support.

If you liked it, or if you have met people through your puppy, let us know in comments (we have met some wonderful new frirends!).

If you need some help with your new Puppy, check out our new Talent Hounds TV episode “Puppies Rock!” on the Pet Network in April 2014 and the Training Tuesdays Blog Posts. We will show positive training tips in future episodes.



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    Love it….Thanks Talent Hounds and your team great people….and it was so much fun filming with you all…..