Wondering what your dog should wear for Halloween?

Do you like to celebrate holidays and occasions with your dog like we do? What should your dog be this Halloween? We are off to the Pugoween Fundraiser for PugALug Pug Rescue at PawsWay on Sunday with Kilo the Rescue Pug so we definitely needed some inspiration.

Check out our Video of 99 Cool Halloween Pet Costumes


I am sure political costumes will be popular this year, especially in the US, and who could forget Fishstick the Pug on the red carpet as Donald Trump with his lovely bride Lottie at Woofstock filming Backseat Barkers.



Movie characters like Star Wars, Minions, Ghost Busters, Batman, and Disney Princesses are always popular. Kilo doesn’t mind his Super Pug, Bat Pug or Minion Costumes too much. Which do you think he should wear?

Kilo the Pug as Batman and Superman

Superpug versus Batpug

Kilo the Pug as an Adorable Minion

Tongue out tuesday kilo dressed as minion

I thought Petco did a fun job getting Influencer Dogs to try their costumes this year including our friends from Gone to the Snow Dogs. The theme was Better Halloween Together.

More Comfortable Cute Halloween Costumes For Kilo the Pug including DIY


pugs halloween costumes

Ash Ketchum from Pokemon

kilo in his pokemon gear

Pirate Pug

pugs halloween costumes


TH Devil Kilo

Canadian Mountie


Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Kilo Pug ready to rock

Darth Vader

Kilo the Darth Vader Pug

Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy on Halloween

Make this Hallows Eve fun for both of you. Always choose pet clothing that is safe and comfortable for your dog to wear. Make sure your dog can easily stand, sit, lie down, walk, and use the bathroom at any time while in costume. Always double check f there are things sewn onto the outfit, your pet may try to eat them and can get really sick. If your pet doesn’t like getting dressed up, don’t force him or her. Kilo the pug is not a fan of putting his paws through tight sleeves or wearing much so he often just has loose soft things or a simple bandana or collar or harness or vest instead.

Stay safe this Halloween by making sure your dog doesn’t escape or ingest anything dangerous like chocolate or candy, decorations, or costume pieces. Always contact a vet or the ASPCA Hotline immediately if they do. Halloween is the second most common time for dogs to get lost after July 4th and a common time for poisoning to occur.

Foods You Should Never Share With Your Dog Kilo sits on couch with bowl full of chips watching Blue Jays Game

  • Don’t leave your pet unsupervised or in a high traffic area.
  • I bet we see a few Blue Jays costumes in Toronto as well, especially if they win today. Just be careful with the Halloween treats and chips LOLDo not leave snacks within reach. Kilo will steal chips and chocolates, wrapper and all.
  • Make sure your dog can’t get out the front door while handing out candy.
  • Make sure tags are up-to-date, detailed and on.
  • Keep them on a leash during Halloween!

What Do You Think Kilo The Pug Should Go As? What’s your dog going to be this year?

Share your photos and costume ideas with us in the comments below, by e-mail and on Facebook so we can add your dog in the gallery which we will be updating daily.

Enjoy more dogs in Halloween costumes:



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