Dog Breed At A Party?

We did a lot of research on different dog breeds for our upcoming Puppies and Rescues episodes. It turns out that you can tell a lot about a person or a dog by their personal pawty style. Are you the fashionista, the wallflower, the entertainer, the bouncer, or maybe the food connoisseur?  Let us know about you and your dog.

Do You Know How to Make an Entrance and Dress to Impress?

Do you know how to dress for the party in style and show off your spectacular fashion sense? Do other partygoers eagerly anticipate your latest creation that is sure to make a splash and keep tongues (and tails) wagging for weeks? Do you never make an appearance in the same ensemble twice?

LIFEGUARDsfTH K9 in sunnies

If so, you may be a fashionista’s fave: perhaps a Cheeky Chihuahua chacha’ing your way through all the rooms in the house to make sure to be seen by everyone.

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Or perhaps a Yummie Yorkie, posing stylishly at the door after making your grand entrance, so that all can acknowledge you are the star of the show. You might even be a carefully coiffed Poodle, groomed for success before the dance floor beckons. These three breeds are known for their love of admiration and sweet styling ways.

sunshine_featuredTH beautiful p

Are you more dapper and debonair than the glamourously groomed? Perhaps you look “boss” like a Boston Terrier or style fresh like a Frenchie, or even a Lab, suited up and ready to rock.


Do You Like to Show Off Your Dance Moves?

Is good conversation at a party wasted on you? Is the dance floor where the party action is at? Strutting your stuff and busting a groove? Are you unstoppable and full of boisterous energy?

TH girl & cutie in red 2

You may be a Perky Pom, bouncing to the beat with your crowd-pleasing moves, or perhaps a Cute Corgi, cutting a rug, when not chasing unwanted guests out of the house.  Or maybe you are a Generous Golden Retriever, who doesn’t miss a move and likes to help out with the dishes for the price of cheese..

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 2.49.00 PM

Are you the entertainer? You may be a Brilliant Bordie Collie, acting, dancing and doing tricks in a show stopping performance.


Or maybe a Marvelous Maltese


Are You The House Foodie?

Are you “chained” to the buffet table? Does your appetite dictate your activities? Do you Instagram your party plate?You might be a dog driven by your appetite and keen sense of smell for mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres: perhaps a Bull Dog chilled out with a full plate, comfortable watching all the action.


Or perhaps you are a Basset Hound following your nose (and guided by your stomach) to the succulent BBQ out back. But if you are a Wiener or Sausage Dog (aka Dachshund), make sure no one accidentally fits you in a bun when hounding for treats!


However, if you enjoy lively conversation almost as much as munching on tasty snacks, you may be a Party Pug, hamming it up in a crowd with your loveable anecdotes, or a Talkative Terrier chatting up a storm or even a real Master Mixer.

_MSP9052TH Susie Reta Linzy

Do You Like to Hang Out with Your Pals at the Beer Pong?

Do you like to play games and pal around, even goof off with the comradery of friends? Do simple conversations bore you but an activity keeps your mind alert and full of joy?


You might be a Jacked-Up Jack Russell Terrier, competitive at cards and dominating the dominoes. Or perhaps a Loving Labrador Retriever who doesn’t mind who wins as long as everyone is having fun and there are a few treats to munch on.

Do You Work The Party?

A perfect party does not make itself.  Someone has to keep things moving and flowing: minding the door, and keep things from going out of control. Are you one who would much rather be put to use, than rest on your laurels and simply enjoy?


If you prefer to guard the door, you might be a Good German Shepherd and you won’t let just “anybody” in.


Or perhaps you prefer to keep the party moving and organized.You might be an Aussie with Moxie, putting your natural instincts to good use to keep guests out of restricted areas and herding the guests from room to room like cats. Or pulling them  around like a Handsome Husky.


Happy Wordless Wednesday Pawty Animals.

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