Who Is Doug The Pug?

Meet The Amazing King Of Pop Culture & The Social Media Genius Behind Him

Doug the Pug is the jet-setting celebrity and King of Pop Culture, living in Nashville with his owner, “momager”, social media guru and photographer, Leslie Mosier.

Doug and LeslieThey were on their first visit to Toronto to meet fans at Woofstock 2016, staying in the perfect hotel for a King- the Fairmont Royal York.

Susan, Leslie, and Doug the Pug

Susie, Leslie and Doug the Pug

We met up with the pair to chat about Doug’s suite pug-life and what it takes to be the internet’s favourite pet.
Doug, Angela from Talent Hounds and Sophie, the star of Backseat Barkers

Doug the Pug, Angela from Talent Hounds and Sophie, the star of Backseat Barkers

who is doug the pug image

Meet Doug the Pug

Describe Doug the Pug in three words:

Chill, funny, sometimes lazy.

Doug makes millions of people smile each day across his various social media platforms, including everyone on our team of super fans.

Doug Gives Susan a Kiss

Don’t tell Kilo the Pug, but Susie is a super fan of Doug the Pug

Doug has over 1.7 million adoring followers on Instagram alone, 95 thousand friends on Twitter , over 45 thousand subscribers on YouTube and almost 5 million engaged fans on Facebook.
Leslie’s genius viral photos and videos keep us all entertained and coming back for more.
Doug the Pug Site Screen Shot

What is the best part of being the social media mogul ‘Doug the Pug’? 

Just getting to spend a ton of time together every day and getting to go on adventures, and doing things we normally wouldn’t get to do if we were not on the internet.
Doug the pug in bandana

What’s Doug like at home? 

He does a lot of quirky pug things. He mostly just wants to eat, he sleeps a lot, and is just chill.
Doug the pug with Pizza in his Fairmount Hotel Robe

Doug the Pug chilling at the Fairmont Royal York with a special bone pizza from the Chef

Is Doug a snuggler or a bed hog? 

Both, he starts snuggler then turns into a bed hog.

Does Doug have any siblings or any possibility of future siblings? Those photos on Instagram with Penelope Pearl were so cute!

I would love to get a little girl pug in the future,  but we travel too much to take the plunge. I love Penelope, she’s our neighbour and so precious. Doug loves her too.

Doug is a huge celebrity with some very famous friends including Ed Sheeran, Pentatonic, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and Justin Bieber to name a few. Which celebrity had the best reaction to meeting Doug?

Chrissy Teigen walked him down the red carpet, and it was before Doug had many social media followers, which was big for me, but Ed Sheeran also freaked out, which was cool.

Has Doug ever been starstruck? 

Doug knows when he’s meeting someone special and gets his puppy thing going and freaks out.

Doug seems like a very social pug, does he have a best friend? 

Yes, he has lots of Doggy friends, and he meets up with his friends in different cities.

Doug is known for being a stylish pug with an extensive wardrobe. He even has his own online merch store including a pug inspired apparel line and custom Doug accessories. I have his Pug N Chill Tee. Does Doug have a stylist and what’s his favourite outfit or style? 

He doesn’t have a stylist, but we have a team that designs the merch. His favorite style is the baseball tee and the beanie, it’s one of my favorite looks on Doug.

Does Doug have a girlfriend and what does he look for in a mate?

Doug is single and looking for someone who can keep up with his celebrity lifestyle.
Doug the pug with pizza toy

Where’s the real pizza?

How does he keep his buff body? 

He eats a really healthy diet of raw food, goes for long walks and goes to the park.

Doug’s been in a couple music videos already and currently lives in the musical city of Nashville. Does he have any musical talents? Can we expect a Doug the Pug mix tape? 

No. He doesn’t have any musical talents, but maybe a Doug theme song is in the works.

Q & A With Doug’s Mom Leslie

What do you have to do to get a treat at your house or on the road? 

Usually, treats are for taking photos, and he loves photos because he knows he gets to eat the treats.
Doug the Pug and Fishstick the Pug at Woofstock

Doug the Pug taking a Photo with Fishstick the Pug at Woofstock 2016

Have you always been a pug lover? 

Yes, forever. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted a pug. I wanted a dog I can cuddle with. Pugs are so loving and very attached to their owners. I think that’s why my relationship with Doug is so close.
Doug and Leslie

How do you come up with Doug’s photo shoot and video ideas? 

It’s a constant everyday thing, we post two times a day every day, two videos a week. I’m always looking for inspiration.

What was your first video with Doug?

The first video that went viral was the pug balloon tied around Doug’s waist.

What’s your favourite video you’ve made with Doug so far? 

I would say the Breaking Bad spoof, The Walking Dead, Friends, or Harry Pugger.

We’ve pre-ordered his new book Doug the Pug: King of Pop Culture set to launch November 1, 2017.What’s next for Doug?

There’s so much coming up, a lot is going to happen when the book comes out. We’re going on a book tour, and then a calendar and coloring book!
Doug the pug book cover
Order your own copy of his book HERE and his 2017 wall calendar HERE.

How has Doug changed your life? 

Doug has changed my life 360, my life is so amazing because I get to hang out with him all day, I used to work at a job where I wasn’t my own boss, and now I get to do what I feel is best for the both of us.

Doug the pug in bandanaWhat Are Your Top Must Haves?

  • Travel Items: Collapsable water bowl and water.
  • For a Doug video or photo shoot: An extra memory card and treats.
  • Dog Toys: Hedgie, it’s Doug’s favourite toy.
  • Dog Treats: Healthy raw food.
  • For a good night’s sleep: Wearing Doug out.
  • For plane or car rides: Doug loves it when I bring a neck pillow.
  • For red carpet events: A lint roller.
  • For the dog park: Water.
  • For a great party: Pizza!
  • On Spotify or other music playlists: Doug’s Spotify playlist.
  • For a fashionable look: Bandana and extra shirt.

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