10 Most Expensive Valentine’s Gifts For Dogs

February 14th is right around the corner. Have you decided what to get your Valentine, your dog, of course, this year? Like any other dog lover I love to pamper Kilo the Pug, but within reason. He’s easy to please, some cuddles, a new toy, and yummy treats would be his ideal gift.

Valentine’s day has become one of the biggest retail holidays now and people choose to go above and beyond while shopping for gifts. We already compiled a list of our favourite Top 10 DIY & Customized Valentine’s Gifts for Dogs and Lovers for 2016, but how about the most extravagant gifts? Would you spoil your dog with these over the top lavish gifts?

2015’s Most Expensive Valentine’s Gifts For Dogs

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top ten most expensive valentine's gifts for dogs

1)I Love Dogs Diamonds -Amour, Amour Dog Collar -$3.2 million

I Love Dogs La Collection de Bijoux, Amour Amour Dog Collar

Described by Forbes as “the Bugatti of dog collars”, this $3.2 million masterpiece is the world’s most expensive dog collar. It includes 1,600 diamonds, a 7-carat centerpiece set in white gold and crocodile leather.

2)Posh Puppy Boutique Diamond Collar -$150,000


A dog collar made of real diamonds.

3)Mink Hoodie -$1,259

minkcoat for dogs

Custom colors are available on request to ensure that your dog’s mink hoodie doesn’t clash with their natural fur coat.

4)Rockstar Puppy Boutique Cakes -$1,000


A yummy golden confection in one of three flavours: peanut butter, banana or pumpkin.

5) Canopied King-Sized Bed -$24,000

Montage-Eiffel-Tower dog bed

A dog made to look like the Eiffel Tower with beautiful Eastern-style curtains and bedding.

6)Versace Barocco Pet Bowl – $754

versace dog bowl

A 22K gold leafed Borocco Pet Bowl by Versace will make your dog feel like royalty!

7) Louis XV Pet Pavilion –$23,990

Pet Pavillion

Your dog will love snuggling in his 18th century French Rosewood commode.

8) Swarovski Dog Throne -Custome


Doesn’t your dog need a Swarovski Studded Throne?

9)Posh Victorian Luxury Dog House – $2,795

poshhouse dog house

Doowaggle.com offers an array of luxury dog houses fit for the inner prince or princess in your dog. The charming 8-foot by 10-foot Victorian abode comes equipped with sweetheart trim, flower-potted window frames and an outdoor patio/kennel.

10) Dog Vacation Package -$75,000

dog on holiday

Your canine’s two-week stay would be at the luxurious “Paw Seasons in Long Ashton”, a hotel catering exclusively to dogs situated near Bristol.  At the hotel, your pet will be treated to a high-end package and get the opportunity to lead the life of a king.

How will you spoil your dog this Valentine’s Day?

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  • 1I could totally see Mr. N enjoying that mink hoodie… he’s cold all the time in the winter!

  • Wow, now I am all for spoiling your dog but I don’t think I am going to this extreme. Thanks for sharing it was great for a good laugh. However, I don’t think I’m against the personal dog house that one was pretty cool.

    I think May d Dog and I will stick to snuggling with some special treats.