2016 New Year’s Resolutions For Kilo the Pug

As we ring in 2016 it’s time to think about the year ahead and set new goals. Next year is an unwritten chapter in our book of life. Embrace it and make the most of every moment. Kilo and I worked on our 2016 New Year’s Resolutions together. He has come so far, but we still have a few issues to work on and lots of fun to be had.

Happy New Year from Kilo

Inspirational Quotes

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and let every new year find you a better man.”  Benjamin Franklin

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” Tom Peters  (the theory of positive reinforcement training)

Kilo posing in red bowtie

It’s all about moving forward into the new year on the right foot …or paw!

Kilo’s 2016 New Year Resolutions

1) Finish off the Evil Postman and the sneaky little Elf on the Shelf once and for all.

Kilo is convinced that the Postman is out to destroy us. This year Kilo is plotting to end the threat like Super Dog. I am planning to work on desensitising him and end the threat to the postman. It is tricky as the postman comes at a slightly different time every day and I am usually busy working.  I will try getting him to go to a spot and try to associate the doorbell and deliveries with happy thoughts and treats (a challenge as we have been practising but he gets such an adrenaline rush, he loses his mind). The Elf will be sacrificed for the better good.

2) Get a Girl Friend or a Boy Friend

Kilo is adorable when he is in his safe environment but he is still reactive with certain dogs in certain situations. Taking him to events, to PawsWay and to the Brickworks and walking him with Maya and Stanley have all really helped. We will continue to make an effort socializing him very slowly and gently with other dogs and people and lots of positive rewards. He loves playing with us and I just feel he would enjoy playing with the right friend.

Kilo the pug jumps through red hoop

3) Get A Gym Membership and Lose One Pound

Kilo is a healthy weight and quite fit and strong. However, he could lose a pound. I still think it’s important to set new fitness goals and jump through a few hoops. I would like to see him try some new dog sports this year and maybe learn to swim. Breaking out of your routine is hard but can make exercise exciting. This applies for dogs and humans! I need to lose 20lbs so hoping my knees improve and I can keep up with Kilo.

Kilo the Pug rides a skateboard

4) Get A Novice Trick Title

I love training Kilo and he really likes the mental and physical stimulation (and treats). He’s mastered so many tricks this year like sit, lie down, skateboarding, riding a rocking horse and jumping through a hoop. It would be great to add some more advanced tricks to his repertoire and get his novice trick dog title.

5) Learn How To Open the Fridge and Treat Drawer So No More Waiting

Kilo is very resourceful. He mentioned that he will be upping his game and his access to all things good after watching Nana the Border Collie open the fridge and get a beer for the talent on our recent film shoot.

Kilo training with peanut butter for Dogs

6) Dance More

Kilo and I both love dancing and it is great exercise. Our good friends Sara and Hero the Super Collie have raised the bar on dancing so we will be working on our moves.


Generous and talented Cathy shared some wonderful resolutions from our Kilo the Pug, her Kilo the Chi and several other friends on her blog https://ilovemychi.com/pet-resolutions-for-2016/.  Pop by and see – let’s just say more treats was a popular theme, especially with the Kilos.


Hope you get lots of love, health, happiness, dancing, treats and prosperity in 2016 and all your hopes and dreams come true.

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  • Good luck with your New Years resolutions, I’m sure you will do so well with them lovely Kilo. Happy New Year.

  • Kilo sounds very much like Ruby. She is also reactive with other dogs out of fear. Other dogs also react to her sometimes as I think they sense her fear. She is OK with the postman, but she really dislikes the plumber. We live in an old house with lots of plumbing issues so this is kind of a problem. We will be working on both these issues in 2016.

    And I need to lose some weight, too. Maybe this will be the year! Happy 2016!

  • Those are great resolutions. You can do it! Have a great 2016

  • Piranhabanana 2 years ago

    Dear Kilo – Clearly this plot for resolutions is a way for your pawrents to deflect their own inabilities to complete their resolutions, so they put it all on you. We’re on to them… BOL!

    Case in Point & Suggestions:
    1 – Evil Postman & Elf on the shelf
    Evil post man: If they would simply give you treats all day and put a stop to the mail, problem solved. My momma left a note at the front door for FedEx/UPS/DHL to leave packages at the door/behind a bench that is by our front door. We also left the signature so they have it on record. The mail person doesn’t need to ring, they just leave it there.

    Elf on the shelf – A clever plot to try and unnerve us when they could simply do away with the evil little creature by tossing it in the garbage. He won’t suffer much.

    2 – I get this all the time. Trying to force me to have friends. They opened up a group and made me president/founder – “South Suburban Chihuahua” on meetup.com. They claim Chihuahuas can be ‘snobs’ and get along best with other chihuahuas (righhhhht). So now the group has grown to 200 and I get along with everyone (which has helped my shy beginnings). I sometimes find a right connection with someone and play, but for the most part, I observe, and hang out during meetup play dates. I did see they have an inordinate amount of pug play groups on the meetup.com site… you might want to check those out.

    3 – My friends Pita and Paco have an indoor treadmill and their momma makes them walk on it on a leash. Clearly this won’t help your pawrents, but I found that going to weekly obedience classes/tricks classes kept me and my momma hopping. We always had to practice leash walking and all kinds of things and I got to learn new tricks as well. There is also now something called K9 Fit Club. This is where dogs exercise with their pawrents. I did some filming for them for DogTV. They play that show on Saturdays on DogTv or you might catch one or two of the episodes on youTube. Also, check their website to see where there might be K9 Fit club classes in your area.

    4 – Get a Novice Trick Title – I personally love this idea as I did get my certificate in tricks and recently saw that AKC is now offering a title for therapy visits (pretty cool). I think I need to try that skate boarding thing – you’ll have to tell me how you learned that!

    5- Learning how to open the fridge… hmm, could this be a way for your pawrents to get you to fetch them a cool drink? Sounds to me like they are trying to get away from exercising (er, walking) their way to the fridge – BOL! I did see a treat dispenser at a show that you just put your little paw on it and a treat comes out.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR KILO – if you were nearby I would invite you to play with me in person, who knows, maybe we could just lay around like broccoli and just hang out. Or exercise our way to the treat dish.

    By the way, I love your bow tie, where did you get it?

  • Earl Lover 2 years ago

    What fun resolutions! I hope you manage all of them, as I’m sure you will!

  • That’s great! We have a ton of New Years Resolutions!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  • your resolutions are more serious than Coles… good ones! Good luck with the postman too, Cole’s got your back.

  • I love the Benjamin Franklin quote and I totally agree about finishing off the Elf, lol! Happy New Year, Kilo and good luck with the resolutions. 🙂

  • Awesome post! Thank you for sharing! happy new year! Great resolutions!

  • Those are all excellent resolutions. And I love it that you’ll work on them together. You’ll be so close at the end of 2016!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  • Happy New Year Kilo!
    I love you resolutions. I don’t have any problems with out mailman, I actually love it when he comes because you never know what deliveries he has for us!
    If you ever want to get together to work on your “friend skills” let me know.
    And as far as learning a new trick – I think learning to open the fridge would be fantastic!