Meet Diesel and Roxy – a bonded pair looking for their happy Forever Home.

We met two adorable and adoptable pups our friend Trish Aleve of Pawsome Pet Photography is fostering at our Rescues Rock! shoot. Look at those sweet faces and consider taking them home together. Rescue Dogs really do Rock and Pets do better with Pals (according to Pets Add Life).

Roxy Diesel

Roxy Diesel

Diesel is an energetic eight year old min pin who is ridiculously handsome, a little bit silly with tons of character. He has the most amazing killer head tilt which makes him a total charmer. Diesel is very sociable and greets everyone, regardless of age or number of legs, with the same excitement. He was so friendly on set to everyone.


Roxy and Diesel are proof that opposites attract because she is shy and a little reserved. She mostly wants to snuggle with her family and her idea of the perfect day would be sitting in your lap. She is a couch potato. Roxy meets people in her quiet and curious way making  endearing and charming. Roxy does have a luxating patella on the left, but it doesn’t slow her down.  She is kind with all types of people and dogs and we can vouch for how sweet she is at Talent Hounds.

Diesel loves to go for walks and needs the attention, so if you feel like taking a walk Diesel is your man and if you want to sit and cuddle Roxy is your girl. A perfect bonded duo.


An ideal forever home would be one that is willing to adopt both dogs, they would be happy in a family or with a single person. Friendly dogs or cats would be welcome, because all they really need is a simple loving home. Is it yours?

For more on Roxy and Deisel click HERE

The  Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, (CCRT) is a network of volunteers working together to rescue, transport, foster and provide necessary veterinary care for homeless, abandoned, neglected, or abused Chihuahuas.

The CCRT matches homeless chis with loving new adoptive homes which have been carefully screened by approved volunteers. Plus provide follow-up support to new owners, ensure that all Chihuahuas placed through CCRT are microchipped, spayed or neutered and properly vaccinated. They aim to educate Chihuahua owners and the general public about the breed, its traits and temperament, the special needs and considerations in caring for Chihuahuas.

If you have any questions, or wish to become a volunteer with the CCRT, please don’t hesitate to contact them HERE



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