Amazing Proof Positive Dog Training Works

Amazing Proof Positive Dog Training Works- Hero the Border Collie does a paw stand

Prong collars? Shock collars? Dominance? Pack leadership? Is that really what it takes to train man’s best friend?

The dangerous or difficult cases sometimes showcased on TV may lead you to believe that punishment or fear-based learning works, especially for aggressive dogs or larger breeds.


However, countless dog trainers and pet parents can confirm that Positive Reinforcement techniques are mostly more successful. We believe it is more humane to teach your dog any behaviour, trick or command using rewards and consistency. With understanding, compassion and structure,  plus lots of patience, you and your dog should be able to learn together and build a long-term bond.

Watch our highlight video from this year’s Canadian Pet Expo. It features our line-up of talented performers that are all trained with positive dog training techniques.

I have actually learned a lot from the trainers I have met about managing dogs and people. I think we all respond better to understanding expectations, and receiving positive encouragement and rewards.

See “Train Your Dog Positively” with Victoria Stilwell

Kilo the Pug is a very fast and eagar learner… especially when there are treats involoved. Since adopting him a year ago today he has learnt so many new tricks. He can even ride a rocking horse! I train him every day to keep his mind and body busy. He loves treats and affection so we use only positive reward based training.

Here’s our first trick compilation video.

Enjoy these 22 Videos of Amazing Dog Tricks that Prove Positive Reinforcement Training Works!

Watch 45 of Jasmine’s Cutest Dog Tricks. Visit her site for more. 

Solea of Training Positive shows off her favorite dog tricks.

Hero the Supercollie shows off his best tricks for his epic video being released January 2016!

See Dog Training Tips Featuring Sara and Hero, the Super Collie.

You can catch Sara and Hero performing in the Stunt Dog Show.

Lottie the Border Collie learned to use the toilet!

*note* this is doggy acting, no actually “business” was done during the making of this video.

See Dog Training Tips By Taylor, the talented trainer of Lottie 

The WoofJocks are a cool group of dogs who love to perform. Every dog in their troop is taught using positive reinforcement training, proving it’s effectiveness on any breed.

Catch Kowboy Fred in action. This energetic dog found his calling as a disc dog star!

See Kowboy’s feature for Fit Dog Friday HERE

Marcy uses positive reinforcement training to keep her three active Jack Russells, Sweetie, Sugar and Lulu stimulated and out of trouble.

Noodles the Wonderdog made his own home-made rescue and adoption video that shows off his cool tricks and how trainable and amazing rescue dogs can be.

See Noodles’ feature for Rescues Rock! HERE

Rev the Border Collie andMaddisen celebrate their love for socks.

Nana the border collie prefers the help of a clicker when training.

Meet Jambo, the first Staffordshire Bull Terrier to be a Trick Dog Champion! He’s helping break stereotypes about the bull terrier breed through positive reinforcement training.

Read more about Jambo in: The Power of Positive Training 

After Lexi was rescued from the humane society in 2009, her new family realized her ability to balance on truly anything.

Omar uses his unique friendship with dogs to train dogs for both the entertainment industry and private individuals. Check out one of his most famous trick videos featuring the amazing Jumpy the Dog.

Jesse the Jack‘s motto is: Jack Russell Terriers can do it all!

From walking paw-stands, somersaults, driving a motorized car to rolling atop a ball and riding a scooter, there’s nothing he can’t do.

Here is a compilation of 15 cute dog tricks by the amazing Paige the Border Collie

Check out her brother Dexter who is a mix breed rescue pup, but just as smart as his sister.

He was pulled from a high kill shelter in Tennessee and given a second chance at life.

Kallie the Stunt Dog performs tricks. Soon she’ll be a service dog!

Instar’s Flying Piper Comanche, the gentle giant show of his expert tricks

Dobby is another rescue dog that is learning new tricks through positive reinforcement. We love how Rachel rewards Dobby throughout the video and how it highlights patience during training sessions.

Koby, AKA Puppy Einstein, is a 5 year old Miniature Pinscher/Lhasa Apso. He is a talented trick dog and K9 artist that loves to paw it forward with his owner and trainer Kim Mobley by donating his paintings to raise money for charity.

Meet Sam, a 5 year old multi-talented canine trick dog, who’s always ready to tackle whatever comes next. She knows over 300 tricks and cues, from rolling on top of an exercise ball to skateboarding to blowing bubbles under water.

Read more about Sam in our feature HERE

Joey the Border Collie aka The Brainiac Border is atwo year old Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Trick Dog. She also loves flyball and agility.

Check out Joey’s feature HERE


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  • Spencer the Goldendoodle 2 years ago

    Great collection of videos! I could watch agility videos all day! Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

  • There’s no end of things you can teach a dog. As a pet sitter, my favorite “trick” is successful recall!

  • These are some amazing trick videos! Mr. N and I have some work to do.

  • Wiley Haddick 2 years ago

    The pair were seen taking a romantic stroll on the beach with Kate’s dog. The couple were seen walking for nearly half an hour and never let go of each other, except for when Kate was seen grabbing her dog and leashing him up after he had wandered off a little too far.