Best Dressed Dogs at Canadian Pet Expo- Photos



TH CPE Fashion winner 3 TH CPE Fashion winner 4

TH CPE Fashion show winner

K9 Couture Fashion Show winner Day 1

My rescue dog Kilo is not keen on dressing up. He hates jackets and boots. He puts up with his red sweater when it is really freezing and will indulge me wearing bow ties and cute harnesses for treats. However some smaller dogs don’t seem to mind, and I must admit, I think they can look extremely cute. I also find Frenchies and Bulldogs in Tutus hilarious. The Pom in the K9 Couture boots and tie really owned the outfit. He looked so amazing and did not seem at all uncomfortable. The Yorkie in pink also looked adorable and rather pleased with herself.

The dogs we are featuring are lovers not fighters and very much loved. April 8th is recognized as National Dog Fighting AwarenessDay. In conjunction with the ASPCA, BlogPaws is utilizing our “Wordless Wednesday” blog hop to give a voice to the innocent victims of this horrific activity. Hopefully we can all help end it.


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