The Very Special Labradoodle – Bocker

Bocker Labradoodle Inspires us

This Wordless Wednesday, please enjoy our inspiring interview with wonderful Marie and Bocker the Labradoodle – one very special dog and one very “lucky Doodle”.

Getting to Know Bocker

We feel very lucky to have met them. They touch the lives of so many people and animals every day. Bocker is a model, entertainment star, therapy dog, fundraiser for those less fortunate and a Tail Waggin’ Tutor . He spreads smiles (you can see me grinning like crazy in a cameo in the video- you can’t help it).


He now has over 420,000 Facebook friends and fans following his busy life.  In addition to all his therapy and charity work, he will be appearing this month in the Talent Hounds TV episode “Dogs Make a Difference”  on the Pet Network, and on the cover of Animal Wellness Magazine over the winter.

Animal Wellness is giving 40% of the subscriptions to Animal Aid USA -an incredible organization founded by Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Karen Talbot Promo code BOCKER subscribe link :

We will also donate 40% of the revenue from his interview on YouTube to this charity so watch and share. 

Bocker Labradoodle Makes a Difference

Through education, awareness, and resources, Animal Aid USA is empowering people to make a change in their world for shelter animals. A large network of dedicated volunteers work to relocate animals in kill-shelters to loving homes. They are striving to ban inhumane ways animals are euthanized, abolish puppy mills and provide the means to end pet overpopulation.

TH Bocker- chasing tale and book

You can  find out more about Bocker by reading his wonderful book “Chasing Bocker’s Tale” and you can cuddle with your very own mini Bocker plush toy. Support Bocker and help his efforts by visiting their website and store, with 20% of all sales go to Doodle Rescue Collective. (Love the photo by Shaina Fishman Photography)

A volunteer foster based rescue”collective” comprised of over 800 members nationwide, DRC is dedicated to the protection and rescue of Labradoodle & Goldendoodle dog breed and provides educational resources and support services to doodle owners, aspiring owners and enthusiasts. Through their programs, DRC provides refuge, vet care, rehabilitation, transport, and quality forever homes for doodle dogs in need. To date, DRC has saved and placed over 1000 doodle dogs!

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