Celebrating my Bond with Kilo the Pug

The Ultimate Dog Birthday Party for him.

Happy Birthday Kilo

Last week was Kilo the Pug’s Birthday and Gotcha Day. He had just turned 2 when I started fostering him a year ago we believe.

Sadly, I was away travelling visiting family on the west coast and wasn’t able to be with him on the actual anniversary. I felt I had to do something special for my favourite little pug, so I decided to throw celebrate over a few days before and after my trip. See Kilo’s full Birthday Menu and recipes HERE

As I made him different treats and got him toys, I began to think about why I felt the need to celebrate. Afterall, Kilo probably wouldn’t know the difference. My husband thought I was a bit crazy, especially talking proudly about Pawties and Bark-day Birthday Pupcakes and Pupsicles. My daughter complained that I was doing more for Kilo’s birthday than I had for hers (not true). She calls him “the favourite child”.

I looked around to see how common it is. I Googled “Birthday Parties For Dogs” and got about 5,020,000 results (0.51 seconds) – a pretty common search.  According to a National Pet Owner Survey of pet owners, 50% actually celebrate their pet’s birthday, while 79% give their pets holiday or birthday presents. Common gifts: “a play toy” or “snacks”, followed by “clothing” – just like me. Many take their dog to a favourite place or throw online and real-life parties. I’ve noticed many of our blog hop pals also celebrate birthdays. It’s very inspiring to see so much love for these dogs.

Leroy on his birthday

Leroy (http://mybrownnewfies.com) on his 7th Birthday

I believe more and more people are celebrating because of the tight bond formed between humans and dogs. They give so much to us on a daily basis and ask for nothing but love and care in return (Kilo also asks for treats). A human’s birthday is usually important. For many, dogs are members of the family just like a child. So why not celebrate and show your love.

Kilo the pug in birthday t-shirt

Check out Fidose of Reality’s post about a glitzy birthday for the two adorable Chihuahuas of celebrated pet couturier, Anthony Rubio of Bandit Rubio Designs.

Don’t miss your dog’s Bark-day this year. Here are a few tips to reduce the stress:

Kilo the pug shares 10 tips for the best dog birthday party

  • Make a plan and an invite list based on your dog’s temperament. Due to Kilo’s anxiety issues, his guests were his favourite plush and online pals.
  • Pick a venue based on your dog’s likes and your number of guests (Kilo’s was at home, but other friends met up at the local dog park or at an indoor doggy facility like PawsWay with their dogs)
  • Keep it exclusive. Too many guests and the party could get out of control.
  • Everyone loves loot bags or in this case doggy bags! Try homemade dog treats or toys.
  • Make sure you have plenty of water available for your canine guests.
  • Check guests’ dietary needs. Have pet parents rsvp with any food allergies they or their dogs may have.

Mr.N on his birthday with new toys

Mr. N (http://tenaciouslittleterrier.blogspot.ca/) poses with his new toys on his Birthday

If you adopted a dog and don’t know his/her exact date of birth, just choose a day. Or, make it the day you adopted and celebrate a Gotcha Day or Adopt-a-versary like Kilo.

Kilo eating his bday treats

  • Offer simple homemade dog treats or plenty of fresh veggies and fruits to snack on. Plus something for all the humans too! You can make them yourself (I had so much fun creating or testing recipes), or order goodies from your local pet store and online
  • Have the guests sign something like a t-shirt so you will remember the party.
  • Have a few fun games planned. Scent detection/hide and seek, agility, trick contests and best-dressed contests can be fun depending on your dog and your guests.
  • Get your camera ready, there will be tons of adorable photo opps!
  • HAVE FUN and celebrate your best friend.

Kilo on Birthday with friends

As we humans get older we tend to shy away from celebrating birthday’s – but not dogs! Check out our pal Sugar the Golden Retriever’s tips for celebrating a 14th Birthday- with Goolden Woofs.

Sugar the goldenwoofs birthday party

Check out our pal Huxtable poodle for more tips

Peggy Frezon baked her dog a Red Velvet Pupcake for her dog Kelly’s 11th Birthday. See more HERE

proud Kilo on his Birthday

Do you celebrate your dog’s Birthday? Do people think you are crazy? Comment below with your tips and stories.



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  • You’re got some great birthday ideas here! I usually celebrate Haley’s birthday by spending the day with her doing her favorite things. Happy Belated Birthday, Kilo!

  • It looks like Kilo had an awesome birthday! We usually keep things pretty low key, we’re all homebodies so like to celebrate at home. The dogs will usually get a gift and special treat. We buy them stuff all year long so I don’t usually get too carried away with new stuff for the birthdays! I have to admit that I do more now that I have the blog, so I can share all about the fun things we did!

  • So much FUN celebrating our dog’s barkday 🙂 You had an awesome celebration Kilo. Oh! what a DELISH TREATS you had. Happy Happy Barkday. Golden WOofs

  • In spite of my best intentions I always forget the dogs’ birthdays and gotcha days. My children remind me of theirs.

  • Thanks for including Mr. N! And Happy Birthday, Kilo! I think Mr. N prefers outing birthdays (like the beach) generally. We took him and Sage to the beach last year for their birthdays and they had a blast.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I have to find an off-peak time to take Kilo. The one beach where they allow dogs near us is usually pretty crowded.

  • Happy belated birthday, Kilo! We celebrate Rita’s birthday but only with special snacks. She loves it!

  • What an amazing party! And it’s totally normal – well depending on your circle I guess, LOL. I worked at a boutique pet shop where we sold birthday cakes and freshly decorated dog treats in seasonal designs. We would sell out leading up to big gift holidays like Valentine’s, Easter and Christmas. I thought there was going to be a fight over our last Valentine cookie on Valentine’s evening!

  • Birthday parties are the absolute best – especially when it’s for your dog!