Crazy In Love: Expensive Valentine’s Gifts For Dogs

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have been dreaming about all the possible gifts to give our loved ones. For many people, their pets will be their Valentines and it is so much fun to spoil our pets.

I spoil Kilo with love, affection, attention, walks, games, positive training and food everyday. For Valentine’s, I am getting him toys and extra healthy treats (plus maybe a tiny piece of bacon). I got a cute pug bowtie that is more for me than him at the recent PugALug Pugentine fundraiser. I’d also like to get him a skateboard as I think he might enjoy it and I’ve never seen a pug skateboard. Apparently there were some on sale at Target for $10.  I’d also like to buy some agility and fitness equipment but I don’t plan to spend more than $50 in total.

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Here are some of the adorable photos we have received so far in our contest, please share yours:

Rev the Border Collie Puppy barking Love at first bite for Valentine'sadorable puppy in Valentine's hearts

Love bites photoAdorable golden retriever in a kissing booth

IMG_2012Sweetie being a model for Valentine's

IMG_2515Shivers the Jack Russlell with a heart for Valentine's

How will you spoil your dog this Valentine’s Day?

Apparently Valentine’s is one of the biggest retail holidays now and some people go crazy. How will you spoil your dog?

Check out  some of the  most expensive gifts for dogs (and dog lovers) we found .

Dog Tiara – $4.2 million

Riwin Jirapolsek a young designer In Thailand crafted a tiara worth $4.2 million for his pet dog, using precious stones given to him by his mother. Via Reuters;


He  said he wanted to make something special for Kanune, his 15-year-old male Maltese.

I Love Dogs 52-carat Diamond Dog Collar – $1.8 Million

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier – $42,00-58,000

Starting at $42,000, the Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier ensures that your pampered pet will travel in the height of luxury.

louis-vuitton-dog-carrier-40-monogram-canvas-small-leather-goods--M42024_PM2_Front view

Roberto Cavalli Pet Clothes – $1,200

Looks from the cat-walk to the dog park.


Swarovski Pet Flap – $1,644

Now that’s making an entrance!


Magniflex Italian gold-thread mattresses – $$1,000 to $3,000

A good sleep IS everything.


Versace Barocco Pet Bowl – $754

Dinner is served!


Furnished Super Dog House – $410,825

It’s so nice you’ll want to stay in the dog house!


Pet Prints 3D – $250- $1500

These are awesome- I’d love one of Kilo.

Mink Faux Fur Coat for Dogs – $205

Cause their actual fur coat just won’t cut it.


Have any suggestions to add to the list? Comment below!


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