Dogs Dressed Up…

We Wish You A Merry Christmas With Cute Photos this Wordless Wednesday

We love Christmas. It is a time to treasure family and friends, to celebrate, to give back, to decorate the house and to send cards. Nothing says Christmas quite like a photo with Santa or a dog dressed up. After all, dogs are family for many people. My two daughters call Kilo our little Rescue Pug “the favourite child”.

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 1.24.10 PM

Some dogs love dressing up and posing. Others,well.. their expressions are priceless!

We wanted to share some Christmas Spirit this Wednesday. Take a look at some of our favorite holiday dog photos from our community members (one or two look like they can’t wait for the holidays to be over, and I mean Kilo AKA Sad Santa). Share yours and we’ll add it and feature in our videos.

Is it OK to dress up your dog?  We think so, as long as your dogs is safe and not uncomfortable (at least not for long). In fact, sometimes dogs are more comfortable and safe dressed in a sweater, hat or coat if it is very cold. Kilo doesn’t like clothes much, but he really loves posing for the camera, and getting attention and treats. He has no problem with collars, bandanas, ties or harnesses. He will even tolerate a sweater, hat, ears or antlers for a large price and a short time, but forget about anything on his feet!

If it gives you both pleasure, and it means you are spending more time creating a stronger bond with your dog, then we think it’s fine. What about you? Do you like to dress your pet? Do they like to dress up?

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  • So cute! Sending my photo your way! *wags* – Gilligan from

  • HO HO HO!!! Lots of CUTE Santa Doggies. Woofs to everyone.

  • In the spirit of Christmas (and ‘cos Mum told us too) we’ve been trying out the dressing up thing and we’re not so sure! Love & wags from Belinha & Moleque (The Dogvine Crew)

  • I’d rather chew doggy clothes than wear them, but for the right tasty treats I will model them with a smile!

  • I LOVE dogs in costumes. But they don’t make a lot in German shepherd sizes, and I’ve accepted the fact that my Mia does not like to be dressed up, so I spare her.

  • The two girls don’t like anything other than a bandana, but Luke is good about most things. The elf hat we tried on him this year went pretty well! We just did it for a few minutes and a few photos since it was his first time with a hat.
    I think it’s great if the pet doesn’t mind too much, I love to see everyone else’s photos! I did put a jingle collar on one of my cats one year and she totally freaked out. I had to chase her down to get it off her….needless to say, never again with that!

  • Many times I think some pets expressions capture how we really feel about getting our photo’s taken! too funny,

  • We love looking at animals in costumes! They always look so adorable, even if they have grumpy faces. You are one cute little dude, Kilo! Merry Christmas!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog today. We love making new furiends 🙂

  • Cute photos-Happy Holidays!

  • Now those are some Merry (and not so merry) , but totally adorable, christmas photos!

  • Those are some adorable pictures. I think my dog would like to pose for a holiday photo.

  • Look at all the cute dressed up pups! We don’t really dress Rita up cuz she doesn’t like it, but I’ll occassionally make her wear some antlers or some such on her head. It never lasts long! 🙂

  • Piranha Banana 2 years ago

    Kilo looks adorable. Regarding dogs wearing clothes – you are right on. A lot of us get cold. No matter that there are those who say dogs need to be dogs. Wearing clothes to keep warm doesn’t make one any less of a dog. I go naked with just a collar and harness in the summer and the winter I wear coats because even indoors, I get cold. I go under blankets and such when I can. If I am cold I have a harder time staying outdoors to do my business, which means an indoor surprise. And you would not want me circling the wagon indoors… so a coat to keep me warm is just fine – and at time fashionable. For the record, I lift my paws and neck to have clothes put on me. And when I dont want to wear a sweater any more I am like Houdini – I pull it from my neck under my chin and out!


  • Mr. N loves clothes and posing thankfully.

  • Profile photo of Aimee Robison

    Everyone’s fur babies look so adorable. Merry Christmas to all 🙂