Rescue Pug Tells All To Pet Guide

fishstick an interview with

Fishstick the Pug is the star of our new award nominated road trip comedy series Backseat Barkers.

The Backseat Barkers follows newly blended family Jess and Hugh, and their very different dogs Fishstick and Lottie, as they hit the road across Ontario. Lottie and Fishstick are not as happy about the new relationships as Jess and Hugh and share their thoughts from the backseat.

Jeff, Susan, Amy, Fishstick

Susie, Amy, Fishstick and writer Jeff

Award Nominated Comedy Series with a Serious Message

We are so proud to have been nominated for Best Video in The annual BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards. We can’t wait to walk the red carpet and catch up with Amy and our other blogger pals at the conference June 23rd-25th, 2016 in Phoenix. We hope our series informs people that different breeds have different needs and inspires others to consider adopting a pet from a rescue or shelter.

Fishstick and Amy

Pizza-Loving Pug Tells All (or nothing)

Fishstick the Pug sat down for a hilarious one-on-one interview with the editor of Pet Guide, Amy. They chatted about the series and the perks of being a celeb and shared some pug love.


Fishstick the Pug is on the rise with several leading roles under his belt and some very notable friends including Doug the Pug, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, Iggy Joey, Miss Edie the Pug, Tuesday the Pug and the list goes on. He hung out with other celebs and fans recently while filming at Woofstock.

Fishstick the Pug meets Doug the Pug at Woofstock 2016

Dug the Pug meets Fishstick the Pug at Wooftsock

Fame may have gone to his head a little as Fishstick, the pizza-loving pug seemed somewhat obsessed with swag and treats in his interview. Although that is a Pug thing.

He was a little elusive about his relationship with talented, beautiful Backseat Barkers co-star Lottie the Border Collie offscreen.

Fishstick and Lottie on the Red Carpet

Rescues Rock

Fishstick, the once abandoned pug is now living the life with his new forever family and they all couldn’t be happier. When asked in the interview if he channels his experiences from the shelter system into the series? His response says it all.

“Its all about being wanted and loved that’s what everybody in the backseat barkers family is trying to figure out”

One of our missions with Talent Hounds is to promote rescue dogs, just like Fishstick, who also appeared in our TV documentary Rescue Rock. We aim to show the many talents these dogs have, that they aren’t necessarily broken or damaged and that they can be amazing.

We are a supporter of PugALug Pug Rescue, where Fishstick was rescued and adopted from and we will be donating a portion of revenue from YouTube this month.


A large part of reducing the number of dogs who end up in shelters is to do research about the breed before adopting. Pugs, for example, are a breed that requires a lot of attention and time. Each breed is unique and requires different things to meet their needs.  The best way to known if a specific breed is right for you is to not only do research but talk to rescue groups and industry professionals who can give you more insight.


We created a fun Breed Quiz that matches you with specific breed based on your answers after you find your best match visit our Breed Library to learn more and hear testimonies from owners.

Send us any questions you have for Fishstick or Lottie or the team behind Backseat Barkers in the comments or by e-mail.

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  • What a great rescue story, thanks for spreading the word about how awesome rescue dogs are!

  • Congrats on your nomination! I look forward to meeting you on the red carpet!

  • Thats a furry happy pug! Thanks for sharing Fishstick! Rescues Rock! Purrz from Katie Kitty Too.

  • Congrats on the nomination! Can’t wait to meet you.

  • Oh how fun! We take our dogs on lots of road trips so we can totally relate.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • Mom understands first hand now about the differences in breeds of dogs since bringing Taffy home to live with us. We are so different that we’ll never really be friends. But mom worries that people think they have to have a certain breed of dog when sometimes just any dog will do. Love Dolly

  • Congrats on the nomination. Looking forward to meeting you (I hope).

    I took your quiz and I was matched with a Frenchie. Very interesting.

  • Congratulations on your nomination! I have really enjoyed the Backseat Barkers! Rescue dogs rock, and I love that you are sharing that message.

  • The DIY Dog Mom 1 year ago

    Congratulations! What an amazing thing to be doing, how fun! Post updates on how it goes!

  • He’s a sweet dog, how can anyone not love a sweet rescue anyway?

  • Great nomination! Congratulations! Enjoyed this story.

  • I cannot believe that sweet boy, Fishstick, was once homeless! What a cutie! But you are right, pugs are not maintenance-free. He’s a lucky boy now, though!

    Congratulations on your N2N nomination! Look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!

  • I love rescue stories as they always make me smile that another lucky pet got a home, thanks for sharing his story

  • I am so happy for you and so glad I get to see you three times this year. Congrats on your well deserved nomination!

  • I couldn’t love this post more!!! As a professional dog trainer, I get to see first hand so many amazing and wonderful shelter pets who are just rock stars when I’m working with them. Kudos to you for getting the word out and helping people research their breed before they adopt. When I evaluate dogs, I always ask why someone chose their specific breed/dog, and usually it’s because they were cute. Cute wears off in a hurry when there’s no training to shore up the naughty behavior. Fishstick is adorable!! I’m SO glad he is living large and having a great life!

  • Aww… what a great story! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  • Aw, I love this story about Fishstick. I’m a rescued kitty so I love when rescues of any species are promoted and featured.

  • Thanks for sharing Fishstick’s story! Rescues are amazing and Fishstick is no exception. Good luck with the Best Video award nomination!

  • FISHSTICK!!! I love watching his videos! Congratulations on a well deserved nomination! I so appreciate the focus on rescue dogs, especially since I have two of my own 🙂

  • Bryn Nowell 1 year ago

    This is great! Thanks so much for sharing about such an adorable pup and his famous pug buddies! Rescue/shelter dogs aren’t damaged goods, they just have a more colorful story to share!

  • Robbi 1 year ago

    What an inspiring story and a fantastic video!