How to Make Easy Dog-Friendly Rice Pups

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I don’t know about you, but I love making easy, fun recipes for my kids and fur-kid.  I also love looking at dogs, especially Kilo the Pug, so anything that looks like a dog makes me smile. Today we are launching our new series of Dog Licks Recipes inspired by Dogs and suitable for Dogs (and Kids). We are starting with “How to make easy dog-friendly rice pups”.
rice pup dog treat recipe
Kilo seems to be able to eat anything but both my daughters have sensitive tummies. Rice is very easy to digest for them. So are small pieces of gluten-free sliced turkey or ham and peppers.
These Rice Pups are the perfect lunch and dinner addition for them. Kilo the Pug got a spoonful at lunch then two spoonfuls with his kibble at dinner. The girls had their share at lunch with salad and a little extra meat.
Total Time: 30 minutes
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Yield: 1-2 Portions
Difficulty: Easy


  • 2 cups of rice (sushi rice or jasmine rice will probably hold together best but you can use any type)
  • A few pieces of your dog’s favourite kibble. If making this for a child (or if your dog likes blueberries), use blueberries instead of kibble.
  • One slice of sliced ham or turkey (for ears and tongue)
  • A few slices of red, green or yellow pepper  (for bow-tie decoration)
  • One Tablespoon of olive oil

Rice Pup Recipe Ingredients



1) Cook Rice – Rinse the rice in a strainer or colander until the water runs clear. Combine with water in a medium saucepan or rice cooker (I use a rice cooker). Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to low, cover and cook for 20 minutes or until water is gone and rice is soft but not too squishy. Let sit.

Rice for Rice Pups Recipe cooking in rice-cooker-Dog Licks


2) Add a little oil to cooked rice so sticks together well. Pack your cooked sushi rice into a small round bowl with a spoon. Carefully pop the rice out onto a plate by tipping the bowl over onto the plate and tapping the sides. Remove the bowl and you should have a rice dome (or face).

Add the rice nose to the Rice Pup

3) Use a small measuring teaspoon to create a 3D pup nose or muzzle as above – be very gentle when tipping the spoon over onto the face dome. Tap the rice ball out carefully onto the lower third of the face.

Making rice ears for Sushi Pups- Dog Licks Recipe

4) Repeat with a slightly larger measuring spoon to make the ears. Pack the rice tight and flip over, placing the small rice domes on either side of the top of the face dome.

5) Cut ham or turkey into 3 small ovals to create a tongue and ears. The ears are slightly larger. Place them on the ear domes and below the nose.Cutting the ham for Sushi Pups - Dog Licks Recipe

6)  Cut red pepper and yellow pepper into a bow-tie shape.

7) For your dog, place 3 pieces of kibble on the rice for eyes and nose. If making this for a child, use blueberries instead of kibble.

red fabric dog image

Enjoy- Kilo the Pug certainly did! I think he likes his new job as official Dog Licks Recipe Taster.

Kilo the Pug enjoying Dog Licks Rice Pups

Kilo the Pug – our official taster for Dog Licks Recipes

Tell us what you think of this cute dog-friendly Dog Licks Recipe in the comments. Do you have any favourites to share?

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