Puppy Love- Pippy Love is our new scripted rom-com web series about an uptight girl Sarah, who babysits her sister’s mischievous little rescue puppy for a couple of weeks and gets way more than she bargained for. Both Sarah and Pippy are transformed through the series. Nothing like the love of a puppy.

Watch the Teaser  HERE!

We cast 11 week old Jack Russell Terrier puppy Shivers from our Talent Hounds community as Pippy. Shivers is very well trained for her age, and so eager to please (owner Marcy uses positive reinforcement and invests lots of time, patience and love). Shivers was a bit surprised when we let her do a few things she is not normally encouraged to do and seemed to have such a fun time. We had to set up the fact that she is a handful and high energy at the start of the story so that she can then improve through the series. We also had to show that Emma did not know much about raising or training a puppy. For anyone wanting to get their pet into TV, dogs may need to pee on command, or do things they would not normally do if the script demands. Here’s our gallery of our Behind the Scenes Shots from filming the first teaser for Pippy Love:

Pippy chewed and peed on the curtains as requested.


She chewed bras once we let her know it was OK


And socks…


But look how cute Pippy is!


Puppy Kisses



A bit confused- now you want me to take the shoe?




Am I dreaming?

IMG_1541 IMG_1544

IMG_1547 IMG_1550

What next?


Giddy up- I already know lots of tricks.


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