Do you ever feel a bit helpless when you look at your pup’s big loving eyes and feel his or her unconditional delight in you and other treats. I sometimes feel like

putty in Kilo’s little puggy paws.


Kilo is so food motivated, so cute and so enthusiastic and loving. I am finding it a little more challenging than I thought to resist his charm.

I have not left him for long yet, but when he I return home after a quick errand, he is so happy to see me he just wants to smother me with kisses. I am pretty excited to see him too, but know I should not encourage him jumping up. We have a compromise. We rush to the couch and he snuggles on my knee. Then if he gets too excited and wants to chew, we play with his toys for a minute and redirect. He is snoozing on my lap now as I post.


When I am preparing food or eating, he doesn’t beg exactly, but he sits perfectly and looks up longingly with his big brown pug eyes. I know he should not have people food, and I should definitely not reinforce unwanted behaviour. Plus I hear Peggy Frezon and Slim Doggy Steve saying “Food is not love, don’t overfeed your dog” but I must admit I am sometimes tempted to share just a tiny bit, as he enjoys food and treats so much. However I try to ignore him, then when I am finished, I get up and get a healthy little treat and we go to another area and do some training. He gets rewarded for good behaviour.

Kilo was eyeing our yoghurt, banana and peanut butter toast breakfasts – bananas are a favourite treat.  I mashed up a banana, a teaspoon of natural yoghurt and a teaspoon of peanut butter and froze the mix. I give him a spoon flu after a hot walk and he absolutely loves it!!! I was inspired by Sugar Golden Woofs post :

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  • Mr. N gets some people food (meat and dairy mostly) but he has to work for it. And I don’t share at mealtimes!

  • Kilo has you under his spell! Gotta watch out for us pugs, we know all the right moves and faces to give to get out way!
    So happy that both of you are doing well.

  • Awwww!!!!! How cute!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  • I get really excited when mom gets home to, have you tried No touching No talking No eye contact? It really works, she comes in sits down and won’t acknowledge me until I sit and be still. Which I’ll do! Love Dolly

  • It would be hard to resist that face but compromising is definitely the way to go. He’s so cute.

    My captcha code is HPV lol.

  • I know the feeling! We don’t share our food, but they do get special puppy friendly treats 🙂

  • Piranha Banana 3 years ago

    I know it is a matter of opinion so I will give mine. To me, dog food really is ‘people’ food that has been reconstituted for dogs. There are a lot of safe people foods that dogs can eat and enjoy. When we go on trips and we have breakfast, my Momma might ask for a hard boiled egg (fried, scrambled might have grease and things from where they cook it), which she later cuts in pieces and gives to me…(this replaces a larger meal for me later) or chicken breast (plain). I also sometimes get apple slices, canteloupe (no seeds/skins/stems on these fruits) or broccoli, carrots, frozen peas and green beans (good for stool hardening) or canned plain pumpkin (good for stool hardening). We are careful not to feed the baddies ever ( and once in a while I get a bit of cheese or a slice of turkey lunchmeat or a little bit of peanut butter. The other day momma made meat mostaccioli and gave me and my siblings some of the plain ground beef she cooked before adding it to the sauce. All in moderation. I don’t really get store bought ‘treats’ too often those people foods substitute them (my favorite are carrots). Although sometimes we do get the Paul Newman treats at our house because all proceeds go to charity. With regard to begging, I do beg by staring at my momma and daddy until they give me some, sometimes I paw at their leg as they eat. And sometimes they do give me some of what they have.

  • Veruca and Ava get apples and peanut butter treats after our morning walks. Very cute pictures.

  • I’ve been molded so many times it ain’t even funny. But I don’t mind “at all”

  • Oh, the pups – they know how to work us! I know in my head that “food isn’t love” but… I can’t help it. I hope the “love” message gets through every time I share a little something with her. Luckily Rita is SUPER picky so only interested if meat or cheese are involved. She won’t try to get me to share anything else. Wish she’d enjoy that frozen concoction you made – but she doesn’t like yogurt. Or bananas. OR peanut butter. She’s so odd.

  • I guess I have a heart of stone. Or I’m just stingy. I never share food and am never tempted, LOL. My dogs don’t even bother begging to me. Now, if other people are eating it’s a different story, they will try their luck with them.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Lucky pugs. Kilo is relentless. I am such a sucker as I too love food. But I am doing well turning to stone unless I am rewarding good behaviour LOL Thanks XS