Sam the Jack Russell Rescue Dog Keeps Fit- what an energetic cutie.


We are pleased that this month’s theme for BlogPaws is keeping fit with your dog. Canine and human health and obesity are huge issues.  January is the perfect month to tackle them and look for inspiration.

Meet Sam, a 5 year old multi-talented canine trick dog, who’s always ready to tackle whatever comes next. She knows over 300 tricks and cues, from rolling on top of an exercise ball to skateboarding to blowing bubbles under water. Seems like there is nothing she can’t do.

Sam was adopted November 15th and her owner says they have been inseparable ever since.

Sam was adopted from a Jack Russell Rescue that is no longer a rescue anymore they were called J&J Russell’s.  Terri explained,
“I went shopping at our local Grocery store and on my way out of the store I saw J&J Russells truck parked in the parking lot up front, I got out my phone and called the  number and scheduled an appointment to go and see the Jack Russells. When the day finally came I went for my visit to see the Jack Russells-the lady upfront said they just found a litter of about 12 week old puppies a few mornings ago that someone left in a box in there parking lot. Immediately when I saw the puppies there was only one that stuck out to me and that was my sweet little Sam she came right up to me with a wagging tail and jumped up on my leg. By the first look I knew I would be adopting her. Her sweet personality stole my heart. I had to wait a week to take her home, so I made sure to visit her everyday until that day came. The day she came home was the day my life changed. She has taught me a lot of things about trust, patience and friendship.”

“She is always willing to try anything and everything with me and can always be seen tagging-along for the fun.”

Sounds like owner and dog keep fit and have fun together. Learning and performing tricks can be great for mental and physical exercise and fitness (as I know well from working with my greedy little rescue pug Kilo). Sam loves tricks and making people laugh with her adorable little attitude and funny antics.

Terri explained, she “started training Sam the day I brought her home, after a few weeks she knew sit, down, stay, roll over, and High Five. She caught on to tricks so fast that I looked up more on Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Training. I knew I had to give her a little more of a Challenge. At around 6 months old she taught herself to bring stuff to me- and drop in on my feet. Anytime she wanted to train she would bring the treat bag to me. “

Terri’s Training Tips:

Tip 1.) One of my major tips in training is to have fun- make sure you and your dog are both having fun it should not be a chore for you to have to train your dog and your dog should not think its a punishment.
Tip 2.) Another tip is to not train too long you should not train for a whole hour or longer especially with no breaks. It shouldn’t be about accomplishing a new trick but building a stronger bond together as the tricks get harder. I recommend 10 minute training sessions not too long and it gives your dog time to think it over until the next session. So next time you go to practice you could be surprised at how well they actually approved in the trick.
Tip 3.) Make sure to end training sessions on a positive note- don’t give up a training session when your dogs not getting it right, wait until they get it right and reward big. That way your dog will be looking forward to the next training session, so they can get it right again.


If she is not performing tricks she can be found chasing bugs, playing games and with her toys, digging in the dirt, doing sports and going on adventures. She stays fit and active with games and sports such as:

Playing Fetch, Lure-Coursing, Frisbee/Disc, Hide-and-Seek, Walking, Digging, Canine Freestyle and Traveling.

Sam‘s favorite trick would have to be hide her face- she does this trick so much without me giving her the command. It gets lots of laughs when shes performing her tricks. She even came up with hiding her face when she does her handstand against the wall, which leads to one of her newest tricks we are working on her somersault.

I think the hardest trick Sam learned would be walking on top of her exercise ball- she had to gain a lot of trust with the ball and then learn to walk backwards on it. It took her about a month to catch on and get used to jumping up on the ball and walking backwards. Then we had to build distance which was a little harder for her to not have my hand on the ball, but she eventually just offered the command one training session and jumped on the ball and walked to me all by herself. She is now very confident and can walk on the ball about 10ft. That is one of her most popular tricks and definitely up there on her favorite tricks to do list!

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Useful Dog tricks-by Sam the Jack Russell

Check out this talented Jack Russell’s newest video where she demonstrates dog tricks that are very useful around the house.

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Happy Wordless Wednesday- get fit with your dog.

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