Petcurean NOW FRESH Dog Food Review by Kilo the Pug

Kilo the Pug eats a small amount of high quality kibble with home made or bought toppers or wet food for breakfast and dinner, then he works for pieces of kibble throughout the day doing puzzles, tricks and training.

I had wanted to try Petcurean Dog Food for a while as I had heard great things about their ingredients and manufacturing, plus they are Canadian like me and they get great ratings on Dog Food Advisor.  I met with their team down at Global Pet Expo and found out more about the company and products. 

The Petcurean PR team very kindly gave me 2 coupons for a 6 lb bag of kibble for small adult dogs and some of their new NOW Fresh Tetra Pak stews for Kilo the Pug to try. I bought additional products. Opinions expressed are my own (and Kilo’s).

Product review of Petcurean NOW Fresh Dog food by Kilo the Pug

Petcurean is still owned by the two good friends who started a little family operation in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada in 1999.  The founders of Petcurean were driven by the idea that pets deserved better premium quality, nutrient-rich food that was made with the same love and care as we put into preparing meals for our own families.

For their NOW FRESH Tetra products, all ingredients are human grade and processed in a human grade facility. The balance of their products feature fresh meat and meat meal ingredients sourced from animals passed fit for human consumption by the CFIA. The fruits and vegetables used in GO!, NOW FRESH dry and GATHER recipes also come from the human food chain.

All of the meat proteins, grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables in GO!™, NOW FRESH™ and GATHER™ products are sourced from North America (as close to the production facility as possible) with the exception of the pasture raised lamb and grass fed venison which is sourced from Australia and New Zealand (from EU certified plants). They are 100% China free for processing and ingredient sourcing. Petcurean uses only natural mixed tocopherols* to preserve our food; we don’t use any artificial or chemical preservatives in our salmon meal or any of our pet food recipes (no ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT).

Petcurean dry pet foods are produced in Ontario, Canada. The canned products are primarily produced in Ontario, Canada and secondarily at a plant in New Jersey, USA. The NOW FRESH Tetra products are made at a human grade facility in Wisconsin, USA.

NOW FRESH Tetra Products

Kilo waiting patiently to do his Petcurean NOW Fresh Stew taste test

The NOW FRESH stews are sold in Tetra Paks. In addition to being 100% recyclable, Tetra Pak cartons are a highly sustainable option manufactured from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – certified paperboard made from 65% renewable materials, and they are more compact and often lighter to ship, which means less impact on the environment. The products are cooked in the packs to seal in goodness. I used to work in marketing on soups and juices and have always been a big fan of Tetra Paks.

Kilo the Pug agrees that Petcurean stew looks like homemade on this spoon.

Kilo tried to steal a box of stew then could hardly wait to get his face into it. It looks a little messy as he got pretty excited but I wanted to show the ingredients close-up on the spoon. They looked good enough for me to eat.  You can see the meat and vegetables and rich homemade looking sauce. 

Kilo the Pug enjoying his yummy Petcurean stew from a spoon.

We did a taste test but, needless to say, Kilo really LOVED both the Turkey and Pork. 


Petcurean kibble range for small dogs

As you can see, Kilo embraces his job as product reviewer. The Kibble is small size for small dogs and great for using as individual treats or a meal as fewer calories per treat. 

Kilo the Pug looking hungrily waiting to try his new Petcurean kibble

Ingredients include deboned turkey first then whole dried eggs, peas peaflour, potatoes, potato flour flaxseed apples, deboned salmon deboned duck, coconut oil, plus a long list of small amounts of fruit and vegetables.

  • Balanced proteins and fats to support an active lifestyle
  • Omega oils to promote skin and coat health
  • Pre + probiotics to aid with digestive health
  • Antioxidants to support increased immunity

They do not include grains, gluten, wheat, beef, chicken, corn, soy, rendered meats, by-products, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives. Close up of the Petcurean NOW Fresh kibble for small adult dogs in Kilo's bowl

They sell their products through pet specialty retailers dedicated to pet health and nutrition. I got mine at my local Global Pet Store. If you live in an area where the products are not available, they do have a number of online retailers as well.

Have you tried Petcurean? Tell us what you look for in a food for your dog/s in the comments.

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  • Hindy Pearson 2 weeks ago

    This is the first I’m hearing of Petcurean, but it’s quite good timing. I’m going to be bringing my dog with me to Toronto for 2 or 3 months, and I’ll have to find him a new food. He eats a very good quality diet at the moment, and I don’t want to make any compromises. I’m definitely interested in learning more about this to see if it would be suitable for Jack. He can be fussy so we’ll have to see how it goes.

  • Now that’s a happy dog! Looks yummy for people, too. I’ve heard some good things about the product.

  • Great video! I recently gave Buffy both of the samples of Petcurean I got at the BlogPaws conference. She loved it! It looked very healthy!

  • I like this product and company too. I also trust all Canadian more than anything. Because my dog is aging, I now need to look for low fat food. So, I’ll be reading labels carefully. What’s the percentage fat content on the kibble? Thanks!

  • I love this brand and look for all Canadian made products often. But now that my dog is aging, I’m reading labels more carefully and need low fat content. What is the percentage fat on the kibble? I’m looking for something under 10%. Thanks.

  • I feed raw so something like this is not considered in my house. I do, however, always appreciate real-people reviews of products.

  • I didn’t realize that Petcurean makes a stew as well as kibble. Kilo looks quite happy to be the official taste tester!

  • I’ve tried some of their products with the girls. They like some of them and walk away from some. Of course, that’s a cat for you.

  • Great review. Thank you for sharing as I hadn’t heard of this dog food before. I’ll have to check it out for Hiccup

  • Kilo, you look like you’re really enjoying that food! We’ve never heard of Petcurean, but now we’re going to tell our doggie cousin about it.

  • I never heard of that brand, thanks for sharing, it does look amazing, but maybe that’s especially bc you are an amazing influencer!