BIG BOI AND BOBBI Dog Shampoo Collaboration

This special moisturising dog shampoo will keep your dog smelling “Scrumptious”

Big Boi from famed hip hop group, Outkast, and partner dog grooming maven TV star, Bobbi Panter, have teamed up to bring you a high-quality dog shampoo to delight both noses and snouts everywhere. Big Boi was introduced to Bobbi when his brother used her products and recommended them immediately for Big Boi’s own beautiful rottweilers. The pair set out to create two carefully formulated lines to address key coat issues, like dryness, while leaving a lasting fresh scent.

“Bobbi and I have worked hand-in-hand to create the perfect colours and fragrances for our shampoos and they are finally ready to go,” Big Boi stated.  “I love our creative process”, said Panter.  “Together we have come up with these unique products that not only look great but also have my salt free, tear free custom formulas made exclusively for our brand.  Pet owners will love them!”

bobbi, big boi and susie at WWE dog beds booth at global pet expo

The duo was so excited to launch the line at Global Pet Expo, and we were lucky enough to have a sit-down interview with them.

Watch our interview with the pair here:


About The Brand

A huge selling point of the shampoo is it’s rich and moisturising formula featuring essential oils for a luxurious coat. The shampoo is also table salt-free, a chemical often found in shampoo that dries out hair and skin. The Big Boi and Bobbi line also features targeted problem-solving and very concentrated shampoos like Purify, Calm, Restore, Invigorate, Hydrate and Scrumptious. The alternate Big Boi & Bobbi line is available in 12 oz. bottles and carries Wild & Fresh, Smooth & Silky, Strong & Gentle, Touch & Swanky and Cool & Chic scents.

Big Boi and Bobbi Panter may seem like an unlikely partnership, but their shared love for dogs and dog related causes has sparked a revolution in what pet shampoo can be.

Visit Big Boi and Bobbi on Social Media:@BigBoiAndBobbi

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