Cute Kid’s Book Review: Rudy’s New Human

New Book We Just Love by Roxanna Elden

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We were so lucky to win this book in a giveaway from Kia at! 

We are just creating our own fist books and iPad App in the Penny P Pug pre-school fiction series, so we were very excited.

Our Thoughts

Rudy's New Human Page

Author Roxanna Elden is known for her informative and humorous work teaching children. Her experience with kids shines through in her wonderful new book, Rudy’s New Human. Every parent knows that it can be hard for kids to adjust to changes in their family dynamic. I remember my older daughter begged for a little sister for 2 years, then begged me to return her after 2 weeks.

When Rudy the dog’s family brings home a bouncing baby girl, Rudy doesn’t understand why his parents are spending so much time with her instead of him. Through protagonist pup Rudy, Elden reassures children that their feelings are valid, and although change is hard sometimes, it is a chance for us to grow and learn to love. New siblings can mean new playmates and friendships, as long as we learn to compromise. The lessons are important and easy for kids to understand, yet presented in a fun entertaining way. It’s always great when bonding story time becomes a learning opportunity for the whole family.

For us, highlights included lessons on acting out, sharing, and gentle play. The image of the baby pulling poor Rudy’s ear is so relatable and allows us to talk about how our actions affect others. Understanding to empathize with others fosters the important developmental stage of “theory of mind” that teaches kids the value of kindness and doing what is right to benefit those we love. The amount of thought that went into this book is incredible!

Engaging Illustrations

One of the book’s best features is its beautiful illustrations by Ginger Seehafer. They are bright, engaging, and wonderfully composed. Pup Rudy and his diverse family are brought to life in an adorably stylized way.

Overall, we really enjoyed this book and see that it will greatly benefit kids, as a teaching aid and as a bedtime story.

Where to Buy a copy

If you would like your own copy of Rudy’s New Human, it is now available on Amazon. 

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  • I’m glad you guys love the book! It is really a good and fun read that everyone can learn something from. Good luck on your own book creations!