Pet Grooming Made Easy:

Launching the new Exclusive SPAW DRY ™ Dog Towels Line for Talent Hounds!


We are very excited to be launching our new exclusive line of Thomas & Arthur Pets SPAW DRY ™ Dog Towels Line. These Microfibre Pet Towels are amazing! What perfect timing, with more snow falling and more rain and snow on the way.

To order e-mail me susan at talenthounds dot ca.

SPAW DRY ™ Gloves and Towels are made using a super-absorbent micro-fiber. They are designed to absorb moisture from hair quickly and speed up drying time. They work on human and dog hair really well. Their benefits include:

  • Excellent for bath time
  • Quickly clean up muddy paws and wet bellies
  • Dry quick, keep your pet warm
  • Machine washable, reversible and light weight
  • Get the job done faster and with amazing results

Price:     $19.99 + shipping each item in the line


With our luxurious super soft micro-fiber gloves, bath time can be easier for both you and your dog. Kilo my pug does not enjoy getting wet and protests by sprinting out of the bathroom and rolling himself dry on my cream bed covers, or coming in from a muddy walk and jumping on my cream couch. These gloves are so perfect for us, as I can dry him so fast right after he finishes his bath or comes in from outside.

Speaking of baths, check out these dogs whose love for bath time has gone viral!

This Pug is so zen right now…

This golden retriever enjoying a relaxing soak.

This guy is really soaking it all in, just be sure to check your dogs ears carefully to avoid ear infections that can occur.

Use our Spaw Dry Pet Towels year round for bath time, during wet weather and winter months, after sports or for quick drying on the go. You’ll enjoy how fast they get the job done and your dog will love the rub down and massage.

They make great Gifts for dogs and dog lovers so don’t miss out. Limited stock and I’ve already taken a few pairs for my own presents. To order e-mail me susan at talenthounds dot ca.

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