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Talent Hounds went to Ontario, Canada farm country to the charming hamlet of New Hamburg and Barnsdale Farms® to tour the Eurocan/Bullwrinkles Factory and interview the Manufacturers. Bullwrinkles® all natural dog treats have been produced there since 1989. The same U.S. and Canadian farmers, ranchers and CFIA / FDA inspected and approved butchers that supply local grocery stores, also supply the raw materials they process in the food-grade plant.

Dogs of all ages and sizes LOVE Bullwrinkles® and Barnsdale Farms brand beef, chicken and pork chews and treats because they are highly digestible and taste great! Pet Parents LOVE them because they come from a trusted local source, are made without additives or preservatives, and have many wellness benefits.

Founder Mauro Trinchini and spokesperson Tanya  told us they love making dogs and dog parents happy. They have dogs, they love dogs, and they want every dog to live a long, active and happy life. They’re proud to offer high-quality pure and natural products that can be part of a dog’s healthy development and ongoing nutrition.
We were so impressed that we have now decided to work with them as our Treats sponsor to bring positive training and health tips to our community and support rescues organizations in our Rescues Rock campaign.

Click HERE to buy in Canada

Click HERE to buy in the US



Get in shape and track your progress with the slim doggy app.

The SlimDoggy App let’s you track your dog’s daily activities (and calories burned) as well as their daily feedings (and calories eaten). You never again have to guess about how much to feed your dog!

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For help using the SlimDoggy app click here (PDF)


US company Fitbit is the clear leader in the smart wearables fitness arena. They offer a  diverse line of award-winning products includes the Fitbit Flex wristband,  the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, the  Zip, a wireless activity tracker that can clip onto anything, and the One, a wireless activity tracker that also tracks your sleeping pattern.

They also offer a free app and an online community to help you get and stay on track. Every Monday for six weeks starting January 6, the Fitbit Blog held a new weekly challenge for #Fitbit2014.

Staying motivated and on track is easy with Fitbit!   To buy click HERE

Unfortunately they had a problem with allergies and have recalled the Force line. If you are having any issues with the Force at all, the link to get a refund is here.


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