Santa, I want a 4K Sony Action Cam for Christmas

Product Review – Great Camera for Filming Active Dogs in 4K

I prefer super simple cameras as I am hopeless with lots of settings and lenses sadly. I am too messy and impatient to manage a top DSLR or Pro camera for photos or video but I often need good TV quality images. I get to work with experts on many projects with incredible equipment, but I do love filming myself too, so I thought it was time for an upgrade in my equipment and skills.


Filming dogs is really difficult as they are different sizes, often really small, and they move a lot. You need something fast, steady and flexible for a lot of occasions. I loved my old Canon CamCorder but it died recently, and I love my iPhone 6S. I did not get great results the one time I tried a small action cam myself a few years ago.  However, I had footage envy recently and was looking at a new action camera that could shoot 4K and had easy monitoring. I also wanted a remote viewer so I could attach it on a stick and not have to bend over so much to film small dogs moving fast like pugs. At a recent broadcast event, speakers emphasized the move from HD to 4K and I could see why in my partner Nina’s recent footage for her doc Village of Dreams – just so rich and spectacular.

I was very excited to pop up to the Sony offices in Toronto and borrow a DR-X3000 Sony Action Cam to try for a few weeks. It is a big camera in a very compact, light body. Here is a little video of Kilo I filmed:

See below my Sony Action Cam Product Review.


DR-X3000 Sony Action Cam Product Specs

The DR-X3000 Sony Action Cam allows you to capture exciting 4K POV movies with super-steady images via highly advanced Balanced Optical SteadyShot. The product specs are pretty dazzling.


It has a dustproof/splashproof body can be used alone or with the Underwater Housing 9 for 197 ft/60 m waterproof capability. The advanced features offer 4K Time-lapse Capture and more. I also borrowed a dog harness and a wrist

I had a few initial issues charging and setting up the camera as it was a loaner, so did not come with box, instructions, and charger.  However, I quickly found really easy instructions online and a charger and the user interface is very intuitive and simple. The camera is great the way you go through the cool options. I then had to buy and format a teeny SD card that was fast enough for 4K (one I had was not and gave an error).


DOP Kilo the Pug ready for Action

For my first tests, I mounted the camera on my selfie stick and filmed Kilo the Pug running around in a park. I was a bit loose and wild and took a little to get used to making sure I was level and capturing what I intended. I confess I got a few shots of my shoe and my nostrils or face peering.

I then went out to a Pug Meet Up in another park but it was extremely windy, snowy, shadowy and cold. My glasses fogged up and my fingers were frozen so I had a bit of trouble seeing if I  was actually filming or not and missed a few great opportunities through my own human error. However, I was thrilled with the capabilities. It felt so good and what I got looks amazing.


Tyson the Pug looking very Game of Bones at the Pug Grumble

Kilo refused to wear the harness as he prefers to go naked. Unfortunately, our more amenable slightly bigger star Fishstick did not make it to the Pug meet-up because of the weather so we will try out the harness with Beau the Frenchie and some other dogs next week.

I got caught up with paperwork and Christmas, plus Aria has been off on holidays but I can’t wait to go out and film again and edit and post some videos. Keep an eye out for the next installments.

I LOVE the camera and really wish Santa would bring me one now.

Do you have a favorite camera? Tips for filming dogs? Tell me in the comments.

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