Have You Ever Wondered About The Secret Life of Pets?

Who else wonders what our pets get up to when we leave the house? I often come home and find evidence of mischief in the case of Kilo the Pug. Now I don’t have to wonder quite as much. I was lucky enough to be given a fabulous Furbo to review. I can watch Kilo in his usual spots, talk to him, take photos and videos, and even throw him treats through the camera and app on my phone (via WiFi). I even get texts if he is barking while I am out.

See a full review of my Furbo here.

The Secret Life of Pug Kilo

I know he waits by the window, sleeps on the couch, barks and jumps at the door and window after dogs, squirrels and the postman (the curtain is shredded), rearranges furniture, takes out the recycling and steals food.

Just this last Tuesday evening, I had to run out for an hour to do an errand. I left several samples we had made for our new dog treat recipe series “Dog Licks” out of reach, or so I thought. I put them on a high table and went off confident they were safe. I came home to one broken plate, five clean plates and a few crumbs on the floor. Kilo the Pug looked so full and round, he reminded me of the cat in The Secret Life of Pets trailer. He had moved cushions and a fan and is clearly the Lebron James or Superman of Pugs. Luckily all the ingredients were dog-friendly and pretty healthy.


I absolutely love the trailer for the film The Secret Life of Pets. I think it is hilarious – they did an incredible job of capturing the characteristics of the pets but humanizing them. The animation and the character design are BRILLIANT and the script and voices amazing. I like it so much we finished a little Secret Life of Pug video after Kilo’s exploits on Tuesday (a good alternative to getting cross with Kilo which would have been pointless and unfair, I made him do some behaviours/tricks and made myself laugh). I think it is pretty cute and funny. We tested some green screen footage filmed right at my house- the massage scene was a bit tough to match although Kilo LOVES massages, but the dance sequence worked really well.

The Secret Life of Pug Video


Morgan liked the trailers so much, she went to see the film last week and did a little review for us.

Just before that, I remembered another hilarious super popular Pug mischief video on YouTube (15+ million views)


 The Secret Life of Pets Review

Film is funny, adorable, and the right amount of sentimental

Dog person? Cat person? Hamster person? The Secret Life of Pets is a funny romp for everyone! The voice cast list includes big names like Hannibal Buress and Louis C.K., who keep the funny rolling the whole time. Kevin Hart appears as a fluffy bunny and the contrast is hilarious for kids and adults alike. Exclusive interview with Kevin:


Our protagonist is a pup Max with two loves: food and the person who feeds him (just like Kilo the Pug). When his owner goes out, he sits by the door eagerly awaiting her return, but one day she comes home with a big surprise – a new dog Duke.  Max feels rightfully threatened by the adoption of the new dog.  Max and Duke battle it out while a cast of other pets (even a falcon!) get pulled into the drama. Soon enough, the pair finds themselves in a dangerous situation and must learn to trust each other if they want to make it out. They don’t do it alone. Soon the entire neighbourhood of furry friends sets out to aid our protagonists, fending off hairless cats and wild pigs in the process.

There were definitely a few Laugh-Out-Loud moments for all ages, including a fancy poodle who prefers to rock out to death metal over classical music. There’s a cat who can’t resist going for the food in the fridge, and a pug who’s energy levels rival Kilo’s.

The animation is beautifully stylised and brightly coloured, leaving the visuals an absolute delight for the entirety of the film. The character designs are also adorable! One puppy is so fluffy you can’t resist wanting to reach out and pet her. There’s adventure, humour, and even romance in the flick. This film has something for everyone and I really enjoyed watching it!

Have you seen the film yet? What did you think? What does your pet get up to while you are out?


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  • I can’t wait to see this film! I was curious to see what Henry gets up to when I’m gone, so I installed a camera. Turns out all he does is SLEEP. Silly sleepy boy!

  • I have been dying to see this movie! Maybe this weekend to get out of the heat and into the air conditioning!

  • Your trailer is too cute! Yes, the dance sequence was perfect! We set up a camera once and all our dog did was stay in his bed by the door and sleep. Probably wouldn’t make the best trailer.

  • We took Mr. N to go see this at the drive-in last weekend. I think he’s a combo of Max and Gidget.

  • I took my daughter and her friend to see the movie. I loved it as much as they did. I thought the cat was especially funny and am still laughing about a few of the lines.

  • Gosh, I’m so excited to see this movie!! But I’m pretty sure my dogs don’t have a secret life, haha!! Just sleep, lots and lots of sleep!!

  • Whenever I leave home – especially during a longer stint at work – I leave a suggested list of tasks for the pets to do. Whatever they are doing… it’s not their chores.

  • We went the day the movie opened and LOVED it! You know the Basset is my favorite! LOL!

  • Cannot wait to see the movie, as for Layla, she just sleeps when I am not at home

  • If we ever made a movie of Teddy’s camera footage, it would be called The Big Yawn-The Sleeping Life of Pets. Nice narrative style on this piece! Thank you!

  • This is definitely a movie Mom wants to see. She wonders what we do all day, but we won’t give her a hint. It’s a good thing we don’t have cameras in the house!

  • Loved your video – so cute! I also loved the Secret Life of Pets – went and saw it last weekend. It was so much fun.

  • I haven’t seen the film yet, but would really like to! I’ve been hearing that it’s really good.

    Fortunately, my dog is not home alone for very long and she is crated if she is.

  • I’m secretly in love with the Secret Life of Pets trailer, it’s hilarious!! I cannot wait to see this movie. Your Pug video is so funny, great job. My dogs leave weird bits of evidence of their antics too, I have to get a video camera and film them one of these days!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • BOL Kilo. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – even if you are a smaller dog. They must have been worth the effort. I can’t wait to see the movie. Enjoyed your video too. Henry sleeps ALL day. Reese is more like Kilo. Waiting………..and waiting.

  • I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I would love to. I love Kilo’s video. He is such a cute dog! It is always fun to hear about the mischief he gets into. 🙂

  • Saw the movie and loved it. I also loved that there was a great message among the cuteness and humor.

  • Your version of the Secret Life of Pets video is great! Love it!

  • I love your video, Kilo is hilarious, he fit right into the scenes! We haven’t seen it, but it looks like a cute movie.

  • I love the trailer for this film!! I haven’t been to see it just yet, but your review sure makes me want to clear my calendar for a night and GO!! 😀

  • I think my dogs just lie in front of a window and sleep. 🙂 At least now they do. When puppies, they sometimes ate things. :/

    I saw the movie a couple weeks ago and thought it was adorable (well, except for the feral cat scene, but I might be overly sensitive). I also have collected all but 3 of the characters from McDonald’s happy meals. Yes, ME (not my kids). I can’t seem to find the cat anywhere, though, and it’s driving me nuts!

  • I want to see this movie, and I was happy to learn that my teenagers said they’d go with me. I think it is going to be a lot of fun! I love your video.

  • Carol Bryant 1 year ago

    I loved this movie. We went to the drive in movies and Dex gave it four paws up.

  • I have yet to see the Secret Life of Pets! I will have to watch it soon. It looks really cute!

  • This movie looks like so much fun. I think my cats must be pretty boring, though, compared to some. Your trailer turned out cute.

  • I loved your “Secret Life of Pug!” I have not seen the movie yet, but sure am looking forward to it. I’ve heard such great reviews!