Check out these amazing Valentine's Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers (some #sponsored)

What a great opportunity to spoil the loves of your life with Valentine’s Day Gifts. Get inspired and tempted by some of our gift ideas.

A few of these gifts are sponsored as I received them for free to try or give away and this post includes affiliate links but I have only included things I have or would like and that I think might be great for Dog Lovers. Buying through my links does not cost you extra.

Is your Dog Your Valentine this year? I know that Kilo gives me loads of love and has some advantages over my husband. Just kidding, my hubby is a great Valentine too but see here our post on why dogs can be better than boyfriends.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs

I like buying and receiving gifts for Kilo the Pug. While you should never give your dog a box of chocolates, there are still plenty of ways to show how much you care.  Kilo basically likes Treats, Food, and Toys.

Bullwrinkles Bully Sticks and Barnsdale Farms Treats #sponsored

A Valentine's Contest to Make Your Heart Sing- win a great gift basket from Bullwrinkles #sponsored

Kilo absolutely LOVES Bullwrinkles Bully Sticks and Barnsdale Farms Treats. Luckily for him, they often sponsor our rescue efforts and send him samples.

You can enter to win a gorgeous Gift Basket or a C$25 VISA Gift Card until February 14th US and Canada and spoil your dog.

Help A Rescue Dog and Feel the Love

You Can help a rescue by adding to or bidding on a wide range of great items on Auction 4 Pet Supplies or shopping on sites that give back. Every year, we get calendars from Bocker Labradoodle, the St John Ambulance Therapy Dogs  and Igor Pug that donate to charity. We also buy cards from the Ontario SPCA.

You can also Watch and Share our new “Forever” video celebrating rescues dogs past and present (including my little Kilo). Not only is the video sweeter than Valentine’s candy but we’ll donate revenue from YouTube on the video to two rescues over the next 4 weeks. Your dog might enjoy cuddling up and watching too.

Homemade Treats and Food 

Make something for your loved one this holiday – perhaps a tasty treat?

Check out all the Dog Licks Recipes on our YouTube Playlist. Kilo sure enjoys taste testing these!

The Gift of An Old Favourite


Dogs love squeaky toys, but even the gentlest chewers will eventually destroy the squeaker. Grab a needle and thread and some new squeakers and reinvigorate your dog’s old favourite toys. Your ears might suffer but your dog will be thrilled!

CleverPet Hub

This electronic game or puzzle looks so fun and it even gives treats. I think Kilo would love it and I like to keep him mentally and physically stimulated.

You can buy one through my affiliate link below:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dog Lovers


The Furbo Camera and treat dispenser we love #sponsored

Close behind treats and food on our list has to be a Furbo for me and Kilo.  I travel a lot and can see and talk to Kilo when I am travelling and toss him treats. We were given one last year and you can see our full review HERE. He loves the treats and contact and it makes me feel great! I have it aimed at his fave sofa in our front living room where he sits and snoozes most of the day between walks, play and shouting at the mailman. I can calm him down or distract him if he is barking, even thousands of miles away. I always check Furbo is connected and full of treats before I leave on a trip.

Buy one through my affiliate link here:


If you want to make bath time easier for dogs and dog owners, this could be the best gift ever. I want one this year. Check out our video below and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more videos for Dog Lovers.

Buy your own by clicking the affiliate link below.

Vacuum, Hair and Stain Removers

My husband would say a hair remover or vaccuum would be even more useful than the BarkBath with all Kilo’s black hair everywhere on our white sofas. In fact we even looked at some new ones with Kilo the Pug at Canadian Tire over the weekend.

Car Seat Cover

4Knines Luxury Car Seat Cover

I was lucky enough to win a 4Knines Car Seat Cover   last year. What an amazing gift. My husband is happy as he likes to keep his newish car spotless. Our trips with Kilo in his car to the monthly Pug Grumble and to the Ravine will now be much cleaner and better for him and less stressful for me.

Clothing, Accessories and Personalized Products

Personalized T-shirts and bags

We love personalizing gifts! Talent Hounds has made custom t-shirts and tote bags. These are all available through a variety of sources including Vistaprint if you supply the artwork. Let us know if you need any help.

Barkley Dog Leather Crossbody Bag by Ted Baker

Subtle and adorable, this leather handbag makes a perfect Valentine with just a hint of pink. It even has the cutest button nose.


Mugs, Cups, Water Bottles, Bottle Stopper

How cute is this little guy, plus I like the wine that he is sitting on.

Pug or Bull Dog silver metal Wine Stopper and plush pug

Doggy Boot Scrapers

Dachshund boot scraper

With winter comes snow and mud. I was given a fabulous boot or shoe scraper that sits by the front door so I looked around and found one on Amazon you can buy here through my link.

“A House is Not a Home” Dog Door Stopper


This one is cute and practical! Door stoppers are really useful for keeping pets in safe areas, and this one has a great quote too: “A house is not a home without a dog”.

Plush, 3D Tribute Models or Pet Rescue Rocks.

A customized plush or miniature in the image of a dog can make a wonderful gift. I would love a plush of Kilo from Cuddle Clones or another supplier. It is really hard to find plushes of black pugs. I also love my Pet Rescue Rocks modelled on Kilo the Pug. I gave a Fishstick one to his parents too. We will be selling kits by next Christmas.

Pug Rescue Rocks from Talent Hounds and Kids Pet Club featuring Kilo and Fishstick

Make Your Own DIY Gifts

Besides the Pet Rocks and Bow Ties mentioned above, Check out our tips on making  your own Treat Jars and Cookies. Kilo gave his sweetheart Ms. Charmin and her Mom a beautiful treat jar with her favorite liver treats.

Watch our straight forward video on how to make a personalised treat jar for your dog

Personalized Paintings, Portraits, Cards, Photo Sessions, Videos

I think a photo session with a local pet photographer, or a portrait by someone like our talented friend Sadie who painted one of Kilo which I LOVE, can all make wonderful gifts. Or a tribute video like our Forever one above and ones we have done for Smiley and Bocker.

iHeartDogs’ Limited Edition Memorial Bracelet


A beautiful, unique and symbolic bracelet that memorializes the relationship between a mom and a dog who has passed on. Each piece features the following elements, all designed to honor the memory of her beloved pup. Plus they donate to rescues.

Dog Books By and For Dog Lovers

Books about dogs or featuring dogs can make amazing gifts. Check out our lists below to find the perfect choice and don’t miss the new book about our beautiful rescue pal Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog.

Top Dog Books By and For Dog Lovers – non-fiction

Top Dog Books by and For Dog Lovers – fiction  

Tickets to Events

A ticket for the annual BlogPaws Conference would also be a wonderful Gift for this particular Dog Lover.

What’s On Your Valentine’s Gift List? Do you have a store or product we should add? Tell Us in the Comments Below.

You Love!

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  • I will have to get Ted more squeakers. He is on a mission to “kill” his stuffed animals, but once the squeaker is out (which happens very quickly) he loses interest in the toy. Also, I have a book that gives the profits to animal shelters/rescues. The book is “Rescue Me” (find it under Val Silver) available on Amazon or through my website. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  • We don’t really do Valentine’s Day for each other, but I have bought our two dogs a lovely red collar with with hearts on it. There’s some fab suggestions there and I love the ones that give back. I also really love the Ted Baker handbag too!

  • I like how the 4Knines seat cover looks. I bought one last year, seat covers are a must have for driving dogs in a car! Especially when I drive shelter dogs and they can have some dirty paws.

  • I would totally love the Furbo or the Bissel BarkBath! All such great ideas for pets and their hoomans!

  • Love all of them and am guilty as I have not thought about it at all so this weekend will have to put my thinking cap on. Our one Valentines Gift this year will be water for the shelters in Cape Town as it is so needed there

  • Those dog rocks are cute! And you’re right, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stuffed black pug. Mr. N would like bully sticks for Valentine’s Day.

  • I love that picture of you two it is totally brilliant!!

    AND I definitely want one of those seat covers. They are the best looking covers and get such a good write up from everyone! Anything that keeps dirty and wet pups off the upholstery has to be a good idea!

  • I love your list and the love video was so precious. Our pets really do rescue US don’t they? I’m really an creative artsy type so I really like the idea of the DIY treat jar too. They turned out great. I also have a e-store and created a design for Valentines day. ” My Soulmate has four paws”. You can check it out here. The design is featured on anything from simple stickers, greeting cards and notebooks to phone cases, totes, mugs and tees.

  • I love the gift of an old favorite! So simple, and so sentimental even. I can’t imagine the look on a dog’s face when you make their favorite old toy squeak again! Awww.. Great list

  • Good list! For me, having my dog celebrate with me is the best gift.

  • I think most pet lovers would welcome any of those items. I’d love the boot scraper. One thing I’d like to see is more people getting/giving professional portraits of their pets.

  • My kitties are telling me that what they want for Valentine’s Day is a new container of treats and some fun with a peacock feather. Don’t tell them, but I may have these things hidden away for them already. I hope that Kilo has a great Valentine’s Day this year too! You two always do such fun things together. 🙂

  • These are all great gift ideas. There are several I’d love to have! Great videos too, thanks for sharing Rhodes.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • You have a lot of great ideas! We are kind of the low frills folks and don’t do a lot. But love the boot scraper and pet rocks! Dolly is sending out custom Valentine’s Day cards from We’d love to send you one if you give us your email. Sandra and Dolly

  • I absolutely MUST have that doorstop for our new house. Thanks for sharing that!
    I have been working on a few pet portraits like the one I did of Kilo, for a shelter fundraiser. Perhaps people would be interested in something like that as a Valentine’s Day gift.

    I’m off to order that doorstop……………………..

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes- I just saw the image of Kilo’s portrait had disappeared- I’ll add back later today. I LOVE it and I am sure others would too. Such a cool gift.

  • Great list of items. We’re going to share some cat jewelry on our blog on Valentine’s Day. I think my girls will give me the best present every by letting me hold them and snuggle with them.