Zignature Dog Food Review

Kilo the Pug waiting (im)patiently for some Zignature Dog Food- Product Review #sponsored


I met with one of our favorite brands Zignature Dog Food at the Global Pet Expo and heard about their latest varieties and about what makes them unique. I couldn’t take any product back to Canada but luckily, I recently ran into their Ontario representative Alex at a Dog Lovers’ Days Event and she had free samples (they are sponsors). I took some kibble and a can for Kilo the Pug to try. The opinions expressed are my own (and his). We were not compensated for this review except in free product and thought our readers would enjoy hearing about this brand. Check out the video below:


What is Zignature?

Zignature Dog Food is a family owned and operated company based out of the United States.  With it’s “Meat first philosophy” Zignature has become a great option for many dogs who may have food allergies or sensitivities. It is high in vitamins, minerals, and all the supplements your dog needs for a healthy, high protein diet. With tag lines like “Meat without the potatoes” and “We never play chicken”, Zignature is a leading brand for giving your dog a high meat intake without diluting it with grains and fillers.

kilo with zig

Flavor Options

They have a large variety of different dry food formulas rich in animal protein as well as good plant proteins including:

Zignature Dry Dog Food range

  • Venison Formula
  • Kangaroo Formula
  • Salmon Formula
  • Duck Formula
  • Lamb Formula
  • Whitefish Formula
  • Turkey Formula
  • Trout and Salmon Meal
  • Zssential Formula (Which gets 5 out of 5 stars on Dog Food Advisor!)
  • With Catfish and Pork Formulas are just launching this year.

kilo eating zignature

They also have wet food in many of the same flavors to give your dog a variety of choices beyond kibble. I often add a little wet and water to Kilo’s kibble at dinner time to slow him down and make him feel fuller and make tastier.

Zignature wet dog food cans range

Setting Zignature Apart

Collecting their ingredients from around the world, Zignature is committed to providing dogs with the best food possible, whether it comes right from their own backyard in the US or from all the way Down Under. None of their food varieties contain any chicken, grains or potatoes, so Zignature offers a new option for many dog owners for which generic food may not be ideal. Their Kangaroo formula, for example, is a big hit because not only is Kangaroo extremely rich in nutrients, it has one of the lowest environmental impacts of any animal protein in the world which could be great for dogs with intolerances to more common animal proteins.

Dog Food Advisor says “Judging by its ingredients alone, Zignature looks like an above-average dry dog food.” and gives ratings 4 to 5 and “highly recommend”.

What Kilo and I Thought of the Food (Product Review)

Well as you can see in the video, Kilo will do a lot for Zignature. He was most upset at having to wait and pose with a full bowl for photos as he could not see any logic in that. He seems to enjoy the size and texture and taste of each of the varieties. I think our personal favorites are the Kangaroo and the Zssential.

I like Zignature because he does and because I like the ingredients and the people I have met from the company. I like the simple animal proteins first approach.

It is important to me that Kilo gets good dry food as I use kibble for training all through the day every day as it is an easy good value reward for Kilo (He gets smaller amounts at meal time to keep him a good weight and he does not need fillers.) I put it in puzzles and treat balls and he does tricks for treats.

Zignature is available in specialty stores in the US and now in Eastern Canada.

Let us know if you have tried Zignature in the comments.

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